CBSNews - Science

Tuesday th 19th of March 2019

"Marine MacGyver" boot camp helps troops confront modern enemy - 11:20

Google to announce a new cloud-based gaming service - 10:53

Last supermoon of the year starts tonight - 10:00

Monday th 18th of March 2019

Facebook, YouTube trying to rein in footage of New Zealand mosque shooting - 21:00

New Zealand shooting: Facebook faces advertising boycott over livestream - 17:30

Google to announce a new cloud-based gaming console - 17:00

Tracking returns: Inside a Texas warehouse, the land of buyer's remorse - 16:00

Why Congress needs to revisit social media companies' exemptions from FCC rules - 16:00

Climate Diaries: Mini-satellites help map the Great Barrier Reef - 16:00

Facebook, Instagram posts could affect your Social Security disability claim - 16:00

Perfect storm of extreme weather, climate change drove deadly Midwest flooding - 16:00

Dead whale washes up with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach - 09:40

Sunday th 17th of March 2019

Oil spill still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico 15 years later - 17:50

Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of New Zealand terror attack - 17:50

Friday th 15th of March 2019

Apple owes Qualcomm $31 million for patent infringement, jury rules - 17:50

New Zealand shooting puts grim focus on social media - 15:30

Standoff between eagle and squirrel goes viral - 10:20

Facebook launches AI tool to remove "revenge porn" - 10:20

Facebook, YouTube trying to rein in footage of New Zealand mosque shooting - 07:30

4 companies produce 6 million tons of plastic yearly - 03:40

Thursday th 14th of March 2019

Facebook loses 2 executives amid series of scandals - 21:20

Facebook blames server configuration for longest-ever outage - 17:10

Soyuz rocket boosts U.S.-Russian crew to space station - 15:20

New Mexico embarking on a mini-Green New Deal - 07:50

Facebook's data deals said to be under criminal investigation - 07:50

Another sunken U.S. warship discovered in the South Pacific - 07:50

Wednesday th 13th of March 2019

Meet the GOP rep trying to "redefine the narrative" on climate change - 22:00

Photographer captures final images of Kenya's "Elephant Queen" - 21:30

Facebook family of apps experiencing issues - 21:30

How youth are changing the game on climate change - 14:30

Soyuz crew to try again after frightening launch abort - 12:30

Inside the Facebook VR lab building 3D video chat - 08:10

Facebook is creating a 3D video chat -- but is there a "dark side"? - 07:20

Tuesday th 12th of March 2019

Verizon texting outage hits East Coast - 09:50

Monday th 11th of March 2019

#Trashtag challenge encourages people to clean the planet - 21:30

Facebook restores Warren ads touting plan to break up tech companies - 20:00

Trump supports "permanent" daylight saving time - 18:30

Scientists use satellites in fight to save coral reefs - 18:30

Scientists use mini-satellites in effort to save coral reefs - 18:00

NASA's $21B budget request to fund moon, Mars missions - 16:30

Harry Potter augmented reality game coming this year - 15:00

Woman stunned by at-home DNA test: "I literally started crying" - 07:50

T. rex exhibit reveals what the apex predator looked like as a baby - 01:00

Warren proposes breaking up Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook - 00:30

Sunday th 10th of March 2019

Bill Nye surprises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at SXSW festival - 21:30

A pathogen is destroying Italy's olive trees - 09:20

Almanac: The dot-com bubble - 08:50

Saturday th 9th of March 2019

Doctor told California man he was dying via robot video-call - 13:00

How 10-year bull market transformed U.S. stocks - 12:30

Friday th 8th of March 2019

SpaceX crew ship returns to Earth after historic flight - 12:50