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Saturday th 19th of January 2019

What to Expect from the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse - 13:10

How a German City Developed — And Then Lost — Generations of Math Geniuses - 09:40

More Babies Are Being Born with Intestines Outside the Body. Is the Condition Linked to Mom's Opioid Use? - 09:10

Here's Why This Winter Storm Is So Darn Big - 00:50

Friday th 18th of January 2019

World’s Oldest Periodic Table Poster Turns Up in Scottish Storeroom - 15:10

The Polar Vortex Is Collapsing — Here's What That Means for Your Winter Weather - 15:10

A New Satellite Will (Safely) Drop 'Meteors' Over Hiroshima - 14:40

68,000 Pounds of Frozen Chicken Nuggets Recalled Because They May Contain Wood Pieces - 14:10

25,000 Years Later, Javelin Is Still Embedded in Mammoth's Rib - 13:40

Here's How to Watch the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse This Weekend - 12:40

Check Out These Amazing Super-Detailed Images of Fruit Fly Brains - 10:30

Mini-Monsters with Multiple Heads Created in the Lab - 08:40

Here's How a Huge Exoplanet Very Close to Earth Could Hide Strange Forms of Life - 08:40

1st Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua Is Actually Not That Special - 08:40

Thursday th 17th of January 2019

More Than 250,000 People May Die Each Year Due to Climate Change - 18:50

Not All Insomnia Is The Same — In Fact, There May Be 5 Types - 16:50

Extreme Microbes Found in Crystals Buried 200 Feet Beneath the Sea of Japan - 15:50

Lionfish: Beautiful and Dangerous Invaders - 15:50

Earth May Be in the Middle of a Giant Asteroid Spike, Billion-Year Survey Reveals - 14:20

Eating Red Meat Is Wreaking Havoc on Earth. So, Stop It! - 11:50

In Photos: The Lions of Kenya's Masai Mara - 10:00

Did the Vikings Think the Gods Were Watching Them? - 08:40

A Rare Kind of Black Hole May Be Wandering Around Our Milky Way - 08:40

Small Terrapin Outsmarts Young Lion in Wild Video - 08:40

The Day Edwin Hubble Realized Our Universe Was Expanding - 08:10

Anti-Vaccine Movement Joins Ebola, Drug Resistance on List of Top Global Threats - 08:10

Opal-Filled Fossils Reveal Timid, Dog-Size Dinosaur That Lived Down Under - 08:10

Wednesday th 16th of January 2019

Those Tiny Cotton Sprouts China Grew on the Moon? They’re Dead Now - 18:10

Man Gave Himself Semen Injections to 'Treat' Back Pain. Unsurprisingly, It Didn't Work. - 16:50

Physicists Want to Build an Even More Powerful Atom Smasher at CERN - 16:20

Stunning Animation of a Solar Flare Captures Its Life from Birth to Death - 16:20

Bizarre Superfluid Could Explain the Existence of the Modern Universe - 12:30

Giant, Spinning Disk of Ice Looks Like Alien Creation. Here's How It Formed. - 12:30

Mystery Mummy May Have Been Pharaoh's Personal Eye Doctor - 12:00

Damage to Ancient Carving of Egyptian Couple Was Meant to Hurt Them in the Afterlife - 12:00

Electricity Basics: Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance - 10:30

Two Ancient Tombs from the Roman Era Discovered in Egypt - 10:30

Earth's Tilt May Exacerbate a Melting Antarctic - 06:40

Smoking Pot Just Once May Increase Teen Brain Volume: Why That Could Be Bad - 06:40

The Ocean Is Hotter Than It's Ever Been - 06:40

Tuesday th 15th of January 2019

Third Cat in Wyoming Diagnosed with Plague: Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic - 16:50

Antarctica Is Dumping Hundreds of Gigatons of Ice into the Ocean Right Now - 14:30

Here's the 1 Way We Can Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Scary Report Says - 14:02

Cotton Seed Sprouts on the Moon's Far Side in Historic First by China's Chang'e 4 - 13:10

Romeo the Water Frog Has Finally Found His Juliet — and Their Love Just Might Save His Species - 11:50

Hidden Beneath a Half Mile of Ice, Antarctic Lake Teems with Life - 08:30

Photos: Drilling into Antarctic Subglacial Lake Mercer - 08:30

So Many Ticks Were Feasting on This Unlucky Python, They Looked Like Living Scales - 07:30

Reflections from Donna Strickland, 3rd Woman Ever to Win Nobel in Physics - 07:30

Cancer Cells Transformed into Harmless Fat in Mouse Study - 07:30