Live Science

Tuesday th 26th of March 2019

Why Does This 'Buff Monkey' Look Ridiculously Ripped? - 12:50

Supercomputers Solve a Mystery Hidden Inside Merging Water Droplets - 12:20

How Psychedelic Drugs Create Such Weird Hallucinations - 10:10

100 Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions Found at Amethyst Mining Site - 06:30

Photos: Discoveries at Wadi el-Hudi, an Ancient Egyptian Settlement - 06:30

Red Yeast Rice Supplements Likely Damaged This Woman's Liver - 06:30

Meet Scotty, the New T. Rex Heavyweight Champion of the World - 06:30

Why Are the Noses Broken on So Many Ancient Egyptian Statues? - 06:30

Monday th 25th of March 2019

Melting Mount Everest Ice Is Exposing a Grisly Sight: Scores of Dead Bodies - 16:30

Ancient Garbage Heaps Show Fading Byzantine Empire Was 'Plagued' By Disease and Climate Change - 16:00

Extinct 'Pig-Footed Bandicoot' Galloped Around Australia Like a Wonky Little Horse - 15:10

Beneath Earth's Crust, Hot Rocks Creep As Oceanic Plates Plunge Toward the Core - 12:30

Defying Laws of Nature, Scientists Force 'Supercrystals' Into Existence - 12:30

Who Was Pontius Pilate? - 12:03

Are Aliens Ignoring Us? Maybe We're Already Their Captives in a 'Galactic Zoo' - 12:03

'Unseen' Meteor That Exploded Over Bering Sea Caught on Camera After All - 06:10

Researchers Gave People Synthetic Pot. Here's What Happened. - 06:10

Sunday th 24th of March 2019

Why Do Medicines Have Expiration Dates? - 11:30

Distant, Cold Space Rock Had 'Frankenstein' Beginnings - 11:30

Saturday th 23rd of March 2019

How Smart Were Neanderthals? - 08:20

Astronomers Find Fossils of Early Universe Stuffed in Milky Way's Bulge - 08:20

Friday th 22nd of March 2019

13 Extremely Strange Animal Feet - 15:20

Enormous Great White Shark Pregnant with Record 14 Pups Was Caught and Sold in Taiwan - 14:20

Day and Night Are Perfectly Balanced in Spring Equinox Photo Snapped from Space - 13:50

World's Largest Atom Smasher May Have Just Found Evidence for Why Our Universe Exists - 12:20

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Fuels Colon Cancer Growth in Mice - 11:20

A Single Thundercloud Is More Powerful Than Any Nuclear Power Plant on Earth. Cosmic Rays Prove It. - 11:20

Flat-Earthers' Cruise Will Sail to Antarctica 'Ice Wall' at the Planet's Edge. Right. - 10:00

Supernova 'Kicks' Spinning Star So Hard, It's Hurtling Through Space at 2.5 Million MPH - 07:00

Karen Uhlenbeck Just Won One of Math's Most Prestigious Prizes. Here's Why Her Work Is So Important. - 06:40

Why This Poisonous Gas Could Be a Sign of Alien Life - 06:40

520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Had 18 Mouth Tentacles - 06:40

Thursday th 21st of March 2019

Bonanza of Bizarre Cambrian Fossils Reveals Some of the Earliest Animals on Earth - 18:10

'Inland Oceans' from One of Southern Hemisphere's Worst Storms Seen from Space - 12:30

Chinese Researchers Cloned the 'Sherlock Holmes of Police Dogs', and She Is a Very Good Girl - 12:00

Chemically, Earth Is Basically a Less Volatile Version of the Sun - 11:00

Truly Spooky: How Ghostly Quantum Particles Fly Through Barriers Almost Instantly - 09:30

Physicists Think They've Figured Out the Most Extreme Chemical Factories in the Universe - 06:20

The 'True' Neutrino Has Hidden from Physicists for Decades. Could They Find It in Antarctica? - 06:20

Wednesday th 20th of March 2019

How Does the New Postpartum Depression Drug Work? - 17:00

When Ancient Societies Hit a Million People, Vengeful Gods Appeared - 14:20

Why Did the USDA Perform 'Cat Cannibalism' Experiments? - 13:50

These Two Cosmic 'Chimneys' Could Be Fueling the Galaxy-Sized Bubbles Looming Over the Milky Way - 13:20

A Dose of Anesthesia Could Blunt Traumatic Memories - 13:20

The Questionable Science Behind the New Jack the Ripper Claim - 11:50

Giant, Weird-Looking Fish With 'Startled' Eyes Washes Up on Aussie Beach - 11:50

What Is String Theory? - 10:20

Today’s Spring Equinox Heralds Warmer Months — And a Supermoon - 09:20

Mariner's Astrolabe From 1503 Shipwreck Is World's Oldest - 06:20

More Than One Reality Exists (in Quantum Physics) - 06:20