NY Times Health

Tuesday th 22nd of July 2008

Rise in TB Is Linked to Loans From I.M.F. - 11:49

Global Update: Taboos About Sex Hinder Efforts to Fight AIDS in Pakistan, Study Says - 11:49

Trial Intensifies Concerns About Safety of Vytorin - 11:49

Salmonella Strain in Jalapeños Is a Match - 11:49

Hoping Two Drugs Carry a Side Effect: Longer Life - 11:49

Cases: Slowing Down to Let the Moment Sink In - 11:49

Russia Scorns Methadone for Heroin Addiction - 11:49

Monday th 21st of July 2008

Dining: Restaurants Offering Gluten-Free Options - 16:21

Economic View: Means Testing, for Medicare - 16:21

More Smokers Seek Help With Quitting Since Latest Cigarette Tax Took Effect - 16:21

Savage Stands by Autism Remarks - 16:21

Vital Signs: Risks: High PCB Levels, Fewer Births of Boys - 16:21

Vital Signs: Patterns: Melanoma Rises Sharply in Young Women - 16:21

Vital Signs: Having a Baby: Infant’s Smile Works on Mom’s Brain - 16:21

Trying to Save by Increasing Doctors’ Fees - 16:21

Saturday th 19th of July 2008

Michael Gregg, 78, Editor of U.S. Medical Bulletin, Is Dead - 05:28

The New Old Age: On Long-Term Care Insurance - 05:28

Friday th 18th of July 2008

Healthy Diets Shown to Have Benefit Despite Modest Weight Losses - 22:49

Menthol Dose Manipulated, Study Says - 22:49

Congress Overrides Bush’s Veto on Medicare - 22:49

Vision Insurer to Ask Justices to Restore Its Tax Exemption - 22:49

Congress, Overriding Bush, Blocks Pay Cut for Doctors - 22:49

As Children Grow, Activity Quickly Slows - 22:49

Problems Persist With Red Cross Blood Services - 22:49

Advocating a Treatment, but Denied Access to It - 22:49

While the U.S. Spends Heavily on Health Care, a Study Faults the Quality - 22:49

Deal Seeks to Offer Drug for Malaria at Low Price - 22:49

Trial for Vaccine Against H.I.V. Is Canceled - 22:49

F.D.A. Lifts Tomato Warning - 22:49

Rise Seen in Medical Efforts to Treat the Very Old - 22:49

Tuesday th 15th of July 2008

Idea Lab: Too Fat and Pregnant - 06:28

Q & A: Vertigo in Vehicles - 06:28

Really?: The Claim: It’s a Cold. No, It’s an Allergy - 06:28

Personal Health: A Threat in a Grassy Stroll: Lyme Disease - 06:28

Long-Term Fix Is Elusive in Medicare Payments - 06:28

Vital Signs: Prevention: A New Way to Gauge Heart Disease Risk - 06:28

Genentech Lifted by Avastin Sales - 06:28

Vital Signs: Awareness: 2 Questions to Identify Future Smokers - 06:28

Global Update: For Students in Kenya, Medicine Seems to Improve Attention Span - 06:28

Vital Signs: Hazards: ID Tags Interfering With Medical Care - 06:28

Cases: His Service Ended, but the Battles Raged On - 06:28

Countries Make Push to Increase Eye Donors - 06:28

Well: Drugs to Build Bones May Weaken Them - 06:28

Mind: Take Two Prozac and E-Mail Me in the Morning - 06:28

Calm Down or Else - 06:28

Saturday th 12th of July 2008

Abuses Are Found in Online Sales of Medication - 20:56

Food Stuff: Yet a New Way to Say ‘To Your Health’ - 20:56

McCain Plan to Aid States on Health Could Be Costly - 20:56

Skin Deep: Cancer-Specific Products: An Unnecessary Balm? - 20:56

Fitness: Samba Lines at the Gym - 20:56