Thursday th 10th of September 2020

Spectral classification of excitons - 09:00

Swimming with whales: You must know the risks and when it's best to keep your distance - 09:00

Test of wave function collapse suggests gravity is not the answer - 09:00

German study highlights carbon footprint of video streaming - 09:00

Iran's secular shift: New survey reveals huge changes in religious beliefs - 09:00

Study of ancient rocks suggests oxygen depletion in oceans led to end-Triassic mass extinction - 09:00

New light amplifier can boost the potential of photonics - 08:30

Self-powered biosensors may open up new paths to medical tracking, treatments - 08:30

Study reveals important factors determining eruptive character of large solar flares - 08:30

How immigrants expand the U.S. economy - 08:30

New technology to fight plagues and pathogens in crops - 08:30

Children transitioning from care to adult life are being badly let down – and falling prey to criminal gangs - 08:30

Creating COVID-safe super-venues and sharing the stage - 08:30

Scientists predict new superhard materials - 08:30

Community land trusts could help heal segregated cities - 08:30

Few US students ever repeat a grade but that could change due to COVID-19 - 08:30

Primate feces could hold key to understanding threats to wildlife from chemical pollutants - 08:30

New 'tree dragon' discovered in Mexican forest - 08:30

Uncovering the science of Indigenous fermentation - 08:01

Lead lab selected for next-generation cosmic microwave background experiment - 08:01

New insights into Earth's carbon cycle - 08:01

Structural clues for influenza virus assembly and disassembly - 08:01

Researchers discover how worms pass knowledge of a pathogen to offspring - 08:01

Birth of cloned Przewalski's foal offers genetic diversity for this endangered species - 08:00

Politicians prosecuted for their statements do not risk electoral loss - 08:00

Novel AI technique identifies viral control of intracellular changes - 08:00

Scientists select the best potential evapotranspiration model for river basins in China - 08:00

Strongest magnetic field in universe directly detected by X-ray space observatory - 08:00

Human disturbance and environmental change factors affect biological nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems - 08:00

Faith and politics mix to drive evangelical Christians' climate change denial - 08:00

Mutant tomato helps to crack the secrets of fruiting - 08:00

Cooperative research effort documents northward migration of kelp forests - 08:00

Climate change will ultimately cost humanity $100,000 per ton of carbon, scientists estimate - 08:00

A new evergreen species of Rhamnaceae found in Guangxi - 08:00

7 lessons Canada should use from WW2 to fight the climate emergency - 08:00

Old grasslands show high biodiversity and conservation value - 08:00

Pollution wreaks havoc on corals' immune systems - 08:00

Bridging America's divides requires a willingness to work together without becoming friends first - 08:00

More laser power allows faster production of ultra-precise polymeric parts across 12 orders of magnitude - 07:00

Finding a handle to bag the right proteins - 06:30

Researchers document the 'life cycle' of a volcano - 06:30

Giant particle accelerator in the sky - 06:30

New method to fight cancer with molecular fibers - 06:30

Bending the curve of biodiversity loss - 06:30

Two new arrays complete detector for Antarctic balloon observatory mission - 06:30

To mate or be eaten: Tree cricket behaviour in the presence of a predator - 06:30

Detecting colliding supermassive black holes: The search continues - 06:30

Germany confirms 1st case of swine fever on its territory - 05:00

Tanker salvage begins as Sri Lanka battles oil slick - 05:00

US towns destroyed as firefighters battle wildfires under orange skies - 03:30