Science Blog

Thursday th 17th of August 2017

North Bay Area passenger rail is back, BIG time – 2 - 17:32

Sleep may account for half of racial disparity in cardiometabolic disease - 15:32

Leaving a relationship: Why science says it’s so hard - 14:02

So much for willpower: Body fat, appetite controlled by brain protein NPGL - 12:32

The Incoming Show of Total Solar Eclipse, linking Mathematics in the Context - 12:32

Stomach stem cells pushed into cancerous overdrive by H. pylori - 09:02

Wednesday th 16th of August 2017

‘It’s alive!’ Well, almost: Frankenstein monster may be missing dinosaur link - 18:22

High-speed trains + autonomous electric vehicles or HSTs and no AEVs: What will it be? - 12:02

‘Money trouble’ among couples depends a lot on perception - 12:02

Creosote compound NDGA could treat killer infections - 12:02

A modified spider peptide shows greater antibacterial activity - 10:32

Tuesday th 15th of August 2017

Alternative Medicine: Harmless Or Deadly? - 16:22

Communicating in a foreign language takes emotion out of decision-making - 12:02

Doctors trained at lowest-ranked medical schools prescribe more opioids - 12:02

Deficiencies in early brain activity linked to delinquent behavior in teens - 12:02

Detecting a concealed weapon or threat is not easy, even for experienced police officers - 12:02

NIAID herpesvirus study in mice leads to discovery of potential broad-spectrum antiviral - 12:02

Now you can levitate liquids and insects at home - 12:02

Coke or Pepsi? Partner’s choices can make you miserable - 07:32

A tiny fraction of oceans could satisfy the world’s fish demand - 07:32

Scientists identify a new way to activate stem cells to make hair grow - 07:32

Binge-watching ‘The Walking Dead?’ You might feel like a zombie yourself - 07:32

Probiotics help poplar trees clean up toxins in Superfund sites - 07:32

Artificial blood vessels mimic rare accelerated aging disease - 07:32

Monday th 14th of August 2017

Experimental treatment for Niemann-Pick disease type C1 appears safe, effective - 10:32

NIH accelerates the use of genomics in clinical care - 10:32

Urban floods intensifying, countryside drying up - 10:32

Secret to happiness may include more unpleasant emotions - 10:32

Cancer detection with sugar molecules - 10:32

Brain injury in kids might lead to alcohol abuse - 10:32

World’s largest volcanic range may lurk beneath Antarctic ice - 10:32

Smartphone tracking shows fear affects where youth spend time - 08:32

Case study suggests new approach to urban water supply - 08:32

On the darknet, drug buyers aren’t looking for bargains - 08:32

System creates 3-D images of tissue samples without conventional lenses - 08:32

Sunday th 13th of August 2017

Of jalopies, steam locomotives and reality T.V./movie-making - 14:32

Procaffinating - 14:32

How dietary fiber helps the intestines maintain health - 10:32

Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old female statue at citadel gate complex in Turkey - 10:32

Does widespread pain stem from the brain? MRI study investigates - 10:32

Scientists reveal how goldfish make alcohol to survive without oxygen - 10:32

Massive particles test standard quantum theory - 10:32

Almonds may help boost cholesterol clean-up crew - 10:32

Friday th 11th of August 2017

Mutant ants provide insights into social interaction - 16:52

Deep Sleep Reinforces the Learning of New Motor Skills - 09:52

Hormone Shows Promise as Cognition Enhancer - 09:52

Crank the AC, cut in-car pollution - 09:52

Using only alternative medicine for cancer linked to lower survival rate - 09:52

Microbe may explain evolutionary origins of DNA folding - 09:52

Chemists use electricity to amp up drug manufacturing - 09:52