Science Blog

Tuesday th 13th of November 2018

Keystone XL pipeline U.S. forward-progress momentum on hold … for now - 14:20

Dopamine primes the brain for enhanced vigilance - 10:02

Black students who have one black teacher are more likely to go to college - 10:02

Novel strategy may reduce breast cancer bone metastasis - 10:02

Stopping the spiny water flea - 10:02

To reduce food waste, scientists are making labels that track produce as it spoils - 10:02

A 1972 solar storm triggered a Vietnam War mystery - 10:02

British Columbia loses $1 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies - 03:20

Monday th 12th of November 2018

Ancient DNA from Central, South America reveal genetic exchanges, population turnover - 09:32

Healing kidneys with nanotechnology - 09:32

Adaptation to starchy diet, high altitudes helped ancient settlers survive - 09:32

Immunotherapy drug helps patients with metastatic melanoma - 09:32

Researchers discover genes that give vegetables their shape - 09:32

‘Strongest evidence yet’ that being obese causes depression - 09:32

Did urban planning around the car set the stage for rise in right-wing populism? - 09:32

System to rid space station of astronaut exhalations inspires Earth-based CO2 removal - 07:40

Sunday th 11th of November 2018

Will railroad, neighbor settle diesel-emissions-related dispute? Time will tell - 04:30

Saturday th 10th of November 2018

Scalpel-free surgery enhances quality of life for Parkinson’s patients - 15:10

Saliva test distinguishes children on autism spectrum from non-autistic peers - 15:10

Plastic microfibers found for first time in wild animals’ stool, from S. A. fur seals - 15:10

Grief linked to sleep disturbances that can be bad for the heart - 15:10

The new face of South American people - 15:10

Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease share common genetics in some patients - 15:10

Soy formula feeding during infancy associated with severe menstrual pain in adulthood - 15:10

Friday th 9th of November 2018

A Temperate Disturbance - 07:20

Thursday th 8th of November 2018

How do we feed the world? The internet of things can help - 13:10

Men focused on muscle building struggle with binge drinking and other problems - 09:40

Amazon forests failing to keep up with climate change - 09:40

Florida monarch butterfly populations have dropped 80 percent since 2005 - 09:40

New single-dose antibiotic safe and effective for uncomplicated gonorrhea - 09:40

New hope for white rhino, world’s most endangered mammal - 09:40

Wednesday th 7th of November 2018

Changing temperatures improves corn yield in U.S. — for now - 10:22

Possible link between immune system and postpartum depression - 10:22

Chronically anxious? Deep sleep may take the edge off - 10:22

Subtle visual cues nudge users to reveal more in online forums - 10:22

Tracking down microRNA candidates that can contribute to disease - 10:22

Athens is named the 2018 European capital of innovation - 10:22

Tuesday th 6th of November 2018

New way to treat potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant infections - 10:40

Scientist finds elusive star with origins close to Big Bang - 10:40

Hot temperatures can trigger an RNA response in plants - 10:40

Inexpensive material offers solution for ocean oil spills - 10:40

‘DNA origami’ triggers tissue generation in early development - 10:40

Drinking coffee may reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s - 10:40

New study shows that mothers prefer daughters and fathers prefer sons - 10:40

Monday th 5th of November 2018

New material cleans and splits water - 10:00

If you smoke, now is a very good time to quit - 10:00

Daily serving of nuts may help control weight and benefit health - 10:00

Daily weighing may be key to losing weight - 10:00

Lead, mercury exposure raises cholesterol levels - 10:00

What’s in the air? There’s more to it than we thought - 10:00