Science Daily

Monday th 9th of June 2008

Phoenix Mars Lander Testing Sprinkle Technique - 22:35

New Pathogen From Pigs' Stomach Ulcers - 22:35

Solid Tumor Cells Not Killed By Radiation And Chemotherapy Become Stronger - 22:35

Mammalian Neurogenesis Breaks Into The Most Static Brain Region - 17:21

Parasitoid Turns Its Host Into A Bodyguard - 17:21

Midlife Smokers May Have Worse Memory Than Non-smokers - 16:14

Black Patients With Diabetes Fared Worse Than White Patients - 16:14

Chinese Red Yeast Rice Is Good For Your Heart, Study Suggests - 16:14

New Molecular Link Between Diabetes And Kidney Failure - 16:14

Persistent Man-made Chemical Pollutants Found In Deep-sea Octopods And Squids - 15:28

MicroRNA Controls Expression Of Oncogenes - 14:21

New Catfish Species Named For Museum Mail Supervisor - 14:21

Promising Advances In Islet Cell Transplants For Diabetes - 14:21

Using Carbon Nanotubes For Molecular Transport - 14:21

Antibiotics Can Prevent Wound Complications Of Childbirth, Study Shows - 14:21

Biometrics: Tell Me By The Way I Walk - 14:21

TB Treatment For The Elderly Likely Requires A Boost To Immune Response - 14:21

Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots - 12:28

Missing Protein In Fragile X Syndrome Is Key To Transporting Signals Within Neurons - 12:28

Microenvironment A Main Driver Of Aggressive Multi-lineage Leukemia Disease Type - 12:28

Mixing And Matching Genes To Keep Nerve Cells Straight - 12:28

Outing The Outliers: Strategy Matches Oncogene With Subtype Of Prostate Cancer - 12:28

Stripes Key To Nanoparticle Drug Delivery - 11:21

Climate Change Hastens Extinction In Madagascar's Reptiles And Amphibians - 11:21

Who Shalt Not Kill? Brain Power Leads To Level-headedness When Faced With Moral Dilemmas - 11:21

Expecting To Be Treated With Prejudice May Be Self-fulfilling Prophecy, Study Suggests - 10:35

Children of Women Who Gain Excessive Weight During Pregnancy More Likely to Be Overweight - 10:35

Toxic Algal Blooms May Cause Seizures In California Sea Lions - 10:35

Cancer Incidence And Mortality In Young People Decreases With Increasing Deprivation - 10:35

More Sensitive Radiology Monitoring - 10:35

Gene That Regulates Glucose Levels And Increases Risk For Diabetes Identified - 09:28

'Super Paper:' New Nanopaper More Break-resistant Than Cast Iron - 09:28

Why Cells Starved Of Iron Burn More Glucose - 09:28

Inhalable Form Of Gene-therapy Takes Aim At Lung Cancer And Inflammatory Lung Disease - 09:28

Sniffing Out A Broad-spectrum Of Airborne Threats In Seconds - 09:28

Love That Garlic? Fresh May Be Healthier Than Bottled - 09:28

Drilling, Not Earthquake, Caused Java Mud Volcano, Report Confirms - 09:28

Specialist Nurses Can Play A Key Role In Supporting Patients Having Radiotherapy - 09:28

World's Oldest Woman Had Normal Brain - 09:28

How Drug That Blocks Cholesterol Absorption From The Diet Works - 08:21

Giant Telescope Mirrors For The Moon Could Be Made With Carbon, Epoxy And Lunar Dust - 08:21

High School Students With A Delayed School Start Time Sleep Longer, Report Less Daytime Sleepiness - 07:14

Poor Sleep May Increase Odds Of Emotional, Behavioral Disturbances Including ADHD - 07:14

Postpartum Mothers Of Twins Have Significant Sleep Restriction, Depressive Symptoms - 07:14

Sleep Extension Improves Alertness And Performance During And Following Subsequent Sleep Restriction - 07:14

Sleepy Driving Highly Prevalent Among College Students - 07:14

Maternal Depression, Breastfeeding And A Lower Socioeconomic Status Can Affect Infants' Sleep - 07:14

Parents Spending Any Part Of The Night With Their Infants Report Poor Sleep - 07:14

Potential Dangers Faced By Narcoleptics Who Smoke Cigarettes Considered - 07:14

Nurses Working Overnight Support The Need For A Restorative Nap During The Night Shift - 07:14