Science Daily

Thursday th 10th of September 2020

Researchers publish striking images of SARS-CoV-2 infected cells - 17:00

Odors produced by soil microbes attract red fire ants to safer nest sites - 16:31

How coronavirus took hold in North America and in Europe - 16:00

Antibody responses in COVID-19 patients could guide vaccine design - 16:00

Analysis of Australian labradoodle genome reveals an emphasis on the 'oodle' - 16:00

Loss of sea otters accelerating the effects of climate change - 15:30

Gut microbiome data may be helpful in routine screening of cardiovascular disease - 15:30

Fatter legs linked to reduced risk of high blood pressure - 15:30

High-precision electrochemistry: The new gold standard in fuel cell catalyst development - 15:30

Systematic approach crucial for person-centred care - 15:30

Ingredient missing from current dark matter theories - 15:30

How do people prefer coronavirus contact tracing to be carried out? - 15:00

Anti-bacterial graphene face masks - 15:00

Binge-drinkers' brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others - 15:00

Epigenetic changes precede onset of diabetes - 14:30

Research sheds light on earliest stages of Angelman syndrome - 14:30

Coming up for air: Extinct sea scorpions could breathe out of water, fossil detective unveils - 14:30

Levodopa may improve vision in patients with macular degeneration - 14:30

Addicted to the sun? Research shows it's in your genes - 14:30

DNA-based nanotechnology stimulates potent antitumor immune responses - 14:30

Diamondback moth uses plant defense substances as oviposition cues - 14:30

Loss of a pet can potentially trigger mental health issues in children - 14:30

$500 billion question: What's the value of studying the ocean's biological carbon pump? - 14:30

How chemical diversity in plants facilitates plant-animal interactions - 14:00

For job seekers with disabilities, soft skills don't impress in early interviews - 14:00

Bumblebees benefit from faba bean cultivation - 14:00

The surprising rhythms of Leopards: Females are early birds, males are nocturnal - 14:00

Human norovirus strains differ in sensitivity to the body's first line of defense - 14:00

Nanophysics: Spectral classification of excitons - 14:00

Detailed picture of US bachelor's programs in computing - 14:00

Pain tolerance among cannabis users - 14:00

Rebirth of a volcano - 13:31

Green light therapy shown to reduce migraine frequency, intensity - 13:31

EDs should tailor clinical decision support to avoid antibiotic over-prescribing - 13:31

Weight stigma predicts emotional distress and binge eating during COVID-19 - 13:31

Giant particle accelerator in the sky - 13:31

Mutant tomato helps to crack the secrets of fruiting - 13:31

Superconductors are super resilient to magnetic fields - 13:31

Concussion discovery reveals dire, unknown effect of even mild brain injuries - 13:31

Emotion vocabulary reflects state of well-being - 13:00

People are behind costly, increasing risk of wildfire to millions of homes - 13:00

Unique supernova explosion - 13:00

Researchers draw more links between vaping, smoking, young people, and coronavirus - 12:30

Revealing the secrets of high-energy cosmic particles - 12:30

Historical climate fluctuations in Central Europe overestimated due to tree ring analysis - 12:30

Understanding Earth's 'deep-carbon cycle' - 12:30

How deaf and hearing people watch sign language - 12:00

New ultrafast yellow laser poised to benefit biomedical applications - 12:00

Gestational diabetes may accelerate child's biological age - 12:00

Thousands of species recorded in a speck of soil - 12:00