Science Daily

Tuesday th 8th of September 2020

NSAIDs not associated with more severe coronavirus disease, study finds - 15:31

Distribution range of Ebola virus carriers in Africa may be larger than previously assumed - 14:30

Developing models to predict storm surges - 14:30

Model shows that the speed neurons fire impacts their ability to synchronize - 14:00

Fossil growth reveals insights into the climate - 14:00

New nanosystem enhances treatment for melanoma in animal models - 14:00

A spillover effect: Medicaid expansion leads to healthier dietary choices - 14:00

Lost frogs rediscovered with environmental DNA - 14:00

Glial cells play an active role in the nervous system - 13:11

Terahertz receiver for 6G wireless communications - 13:11

Cholesterol's effects on cellular membranes - 13:11

Quantum light squeezes the noise out of microscopy signals - 13:11

Detecting soil-surface ozone early can help prevent damage to grapes and apples - 13:11

Investigational drug stops toxic proteins tied to neurodegenerative diseases - 13:11

Lightweight green supercapacitors could charge devices in a jiffy - 13:11

Paving the way for tunable graphene plasmonic THz amplifiers - 12:50

Cascades with carbon dioxide: Making substances out of CO2 - 12:50

More than just genetic code - 12:50

Fighting cardiovascular disease with acne drug - 12:50

Betrayal or cooperation? Analytical investigation of behavior drivers - 11:51

Brain's immune cells promising cellular target for therapeutics - 11:51

Mini-organs could offer treatment hope for children with intestinal failure - 11:50

Recommendations measuring persistent HIV reservoirs - 11:50

Bio-based resin: A breakthrough in rapid prototyping - 11:50

Climate change will decimate Palm Springs, Coachella Valley tourism - 11:50

As information flows through brain's heirarchy, higher regions use higher frequency waves - 11:50

The oldest Neanderthal DNA of Central-Eastern Europe - 11:50

Producing technicolor through brain-like electronic devices - 11:20

Through enzyme testing, researchers sharpen CRISPR gene-editing tool - 11:20

Endometriosis: No cure, but diagnosis could avert surgery - 11:20

Extracting order from a quantum measurement finally shown experimentally - 11:20

The mathematical values of Linear A fraction signs - 11:20

Gulls pay attention to human eyes - 10:51

New drug shown to improve bone growth in children with achondroplasia - 10:21

A tiny instrument to measure the faintest magnetic fields - 10:20

New process for efficient removal of steroid hormones from water - 10:20

Ancient hunters stayed in frozen Northern Europe rather than migrating to warmer areas, evidence from Arctic fox bones shows - 10:20

How mutations in DNA packaging machines cause cancer - 09:50

A difficult year for forests, fields and meadows - 09:50

Inheritance in plants can now be controlled specifically - 09:50

Protected areas can 'double' imperilled species populations - 09:50

How to have a blast like a black hole - 09:50

Changing what we eat could offset years of climate-warming emissions - 09:20

Rubbing skin activates itch-relief neural pathway - 09:20

Children with asthma could benefit from prescribing according to genetic differences - 09:20

Why people with knee osteoarthritis experience different kinds of pain - 08:54

Inequality of opportunity drags down everyone's motivation - 08:54

Multinationals' supply chains account for a fifth of global emissions - 08:54

Producing leather-like materials from fungi - 08:54

New insights into evolution of gene expression - 08:54