Science Daily

Friday th 15th of March 2019

With single gene insertion, blind mice regain sight - 10:50

Scientists track patterns of island growth in crystals - 10:50

New wheel units could bring vehicle costs down - 10:50

Enzyme USP15 may have potential role in future treatment of various cancers - 10:50

Pests and the plant defenses against them drive diversity in tropical rainforests - 10:20

Unique diversity of the genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula revealed by dual studies - 10:20

Using an anti-smoking drug to control neurons - 10:20

Diet-induced changes favor innovation in speech sounds - 10:20

Narwhals spend at least half time diving for food, can fast for several days after meal - 10:20

Most countries in sub-Saharan Africa not on track for under-5 mortality reduction goal - 10:20

Tracking turtles with telemetry - 10:20

How a mitochondrial enzyme can trigger cell death - 10:20

Are we at the limits of measuring water-repellent surfaces - 10:20

Exotic 'second sound' phenomenon observed in pencil 'lead' - 10:20

In this nematode species males are needed for reproduction but not their genes - 10:20

AI and MRIs at birth can predict cognitive development at age 2 - 10:20

Thursday th 14th of March 2019

Central American kidney disease epidemic linked to occupational heat exposure - 19:50

The importance of puberty: A call for better research models - 19:20

Researchers find epigenetic loss that changes how cells obtain energy from cancer - 19:20

Study uncovers genetic switches that control process of whole-body regeneration - 19:20

Guardians of the synapse: Scientists identify a new role for nerve-supporting cells - 19:20

Using Thoreau, scientists measure the impact of climate change on wildflowers - 19:20

Scientists crack genome of superfood seaweed, ito-mozuku - 18:51

Next generation of optical tweezers - 18:51

Speed limit on DNA-making sets pace for life's first steps - 18:51

Bacteria 'trap' could help slow down antibiotic resistance - 18:51

Researchers uncover new clues to surviving extinction - 18:10

Poor pitch singing could be a matter of the tune in your head - 17:40

The sweet spot: Scientists discover taste center of human brain - 17:40

Why fly the coop? With shortage of mates, some birds choose to help others raise offspring - 17:10

College drinking intervention strategies need a refresh - 17:10

Vaccine study confirms sensitivity of cholera test - 17:10

Thanking and apologizing: Talk that isn't cheap - 17:10

From mirror-image biology to enhanced therapeutic proteins - 17:10

Simple directions from parents can guide children's discovery - 16:40

Bacteria may help frogs attract mates - 16:40

Solar-powered moisture harvester collects and cleans water from air - 16:40

Cell therapy could replace need for kidney transplants - 16:40

Ocean sink for human-made CO2 measured - 16:40

As uniform as cloned soldiers, new spiders were named after the Stormtroopers in Star Wars - 16:10

Duplicate or mirror? - 16:10

How immunotherapy may be effective for fighting tuberculosis - 16:10

Machine learning sheds light on the biology of toxin exposure - 16:10

Brain wave stimulation may improve Alzheimer's symptoms - 15:50

Oral bacteria in pancreas linked to more aggressive tumors - 15:50

Expectant mothers can prevent fetal brain problems caused by the flu, study shows - 15:20

Rejection of transplanted organs: Long-awaited structure offers new insights - 15:20

Sea otters' tool use leaves behind distinctive archaeological evidence - 12:35

Renewable energy won't make Bitcoin 'green,' but tweaking its mining mechanism might - 12:34

Wild African ape reactions to novel camera traps - 12:34