Science Daily

Tuesday th 8th of September 2020

Gen Z not ready to eat lab-grown meat - 08:54

A pain reliever that alters perceptions of risk - 08:54

Monday th 7th of September 2020

The brain can induce diabetes remission in rodents, but how? - 16:40

'Wrong-way' migrations stop shellfish from escaping ocean warming - 16:40

Children use both brain hemispheres to understand language, unlike adults - 16:40

Common cold jumpstarts defense against influenza - 13:40

A new twist on DNA origami - 13:40

First 'plug and play' brain prosthesis demoed in paralyzed person - 13:40

'Wild West' mentality lingers in modern populations of US mountain regions - 13:40

Genome sequencing accelerates cancer detection - 13:40

Acorn woodpeckers wage days-long battles over vacant territories, radio tag data show - 13:40

Improving European healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine - 11:10

Genetic study of proteins is a breakthrough in drug development for complex diseases - 11:10

Ancient bony fish forces rethink of how sharks evolved - 11:10

Saturday th 5th of September 2020

Researchers track nutrient transport in the Gulf of Mexico - 12:00

Friday th 4th of September 2020

Unraveling the secrets of Tennessee whiskey - 16:20

Common class of drugs linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease - 15:51

Unconventional T cells in severe COVID-19 patients could predict disease outcome - 15:01

Does the COVID-19 cytokine storm exist? - 14:31

Post-COVID syndrome severely damages children's hearts - 14:31

Identification and treatment key in responding to COVID-19 health anxiety in children - 14:31

Plant protein discovery could reduce need for fertilizer - 13:30

New technology lets quantum bits hold information for 10,000 times longer than previous record - 13:30

Autophagy: the beginning of the end - 13:30

Unexpected electrical current that could stabilize fusion reactions - 13:30

Splitting water molecules for a renewable energy future - 13:30

Nanoearthquakes control spin centers in SiC - 13:01

The potential of green infrastructure in mitigating flood impacts: Focused on the mobility of low income and minority comunities - 13:01

Blood breakdown product commandeers important enzyme - 13:01

'Floppy' atomic dynamics help turn heat into electricity - 12:30

Determining the interior of Mars - 12:01

A 400-year-old chamois will serve as a model for research on ice mummies - 09:50

Pollination: Air pollution renders flower odors unattractive to moths - 09:50

Children can have COVID-19 antibodies and virus in their system simultaneously - 09:21

Innovative biocontainment unit shows promise to protect healthcare workers - 09:21

Vitamin D deficiency may raise risk of getting COVID-19, study finds - 09:21

Cell division: Cleaning the nucleus without detergents - 09:21

Researchers redesign the face mask to improve comfort and protection - 09:21

Uncovering the genetics behind heart attacks that surprise young, healthy women - 09:21

Coaxing single stem cells into specialized cells - 09:21

Quantum leap for speed limit bounds - 09:21

The genetics of blood: A global perspective - 08:50

Ocean carbon uptake widely underestimated - 08:50

Researchers identify nanobody that may prevent COVID-19 infection - 08:50

Red hot meat: The wrong recipe for heart disease - 08:50

Thursday th 3rd of September 2020

Personal use of permanent hair dye not associated with greater risk of most cancers or cancer death - 21:30

Old males vital to elephant societies - 21:30

How to imitate natural spring-loaded snapping movement without losing energy - 20:00

Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine first? - 18:11

Exposure to cadmium in the womb linked to childhood asthma and allergies - 16:40