Science Daily

Wednesday th 17th of April 2019

Healthy hearts need two proteins working together - 10:10

Parboiling method reduces inorganic arsenic in rice - 10:10

A comprehensive look at cow's milk - 10:10

New PFASs discovered in Cape Fear River, North Carolina, though levels are declining - 10:10

Lessons learnt from the drift analysis of MH370 plane crash debris - 10:10

New way to improve cybersecurity - 10:10

Biosensor 'bandage' collects and analyzes sweat - 10:10

Cannabidiol could help deliver medications to the brain - 10:10

Boosting muscle stem cells to treat muscular dystrophy and aging muscles - 08:40

The Leukemia Atlas: Researchers unveil proteins that signal disease - 08:40

New software tool could provide answers to some of life's most intriguing questions - 08:40

Puncture performance of viper fangs measured - 08:40

NASA study verifies global warming trends - 08:40

Microbiome science may help doctors deliver more effective, personalized treatment to children with irritable bowel syndrome - 08:40

Need more energy storage? Just hit 'print' - 08:40

How to defend the Earth from asteroids - 08:40

Tuesday th 16th of April 2019

Low scam awareness in old age may be an early sign of impending cognitive decline and dementia - 17:10

Doubles badminton players may be at highest risk of serious eye injury during play - 17:10

How college students can end up in vicious cycle of substance abuse, poor academics, stress - 16:20

At last, acknowledging royal women's political power - 16:20

How inland waters 'breathe' carbon -- and what it means for global systems - 16:20

Want black women students to stay in STEM? Help them find role models who look like them - 16:20

New algorithm allows for faster, animal-free chemical toxicity testing - 16:20

Historic logging site shows first human-caused bedrock erosion along an entire river - 15:00

Large multi-ethnic genome-wide association study of asthma identifies novel associations - 15:00

Smart antioxidant-containing polymer responds to body chemistry, environment - 15:00

Linkage is a drag: First wheat gene to rapidly convert defective traits for new - 14:30

Sleep Apnea: Oral appliance could help you (and your partner) sleep better - 14:30

Child welfare: Uninformed, overwhelmed clients; unrealistic agency expectations - 14:30

Why comic-style information is better at preparing patients for cardiac catheterization - 14:30

PCV10 pneumococcal vaccine has big impact in Kenya, even among unvaccinated individuals - 14:30

The fluid that feeds tumor cells - 14:30

Probing the mystery of drug resistance: New hope for leukemia's toughest cases - 14:30

2017 pneumonic plague outbreak in Madagascar characterized by scientists - 14:30

Despite transition period, maximal running shoes may still increase risk of injury - 14:30

Magic mouthwash effective treatment for mouth sore pain caused by radiation therapy - 14:30

Roadmap for AI in medical imaging - 14:30

NASA's Cassini reveals surprises with Titan's lakes - 14:30

New form of laser for sound - 14:30

A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs - 14:30

Potential effects of large-scale projects designed to offset Earth's changing climate - 14:30

CubeSats prove their worth for scientific missions - 14:00

Mindful body awareness training during treatment for drug addiction helps prevent relapse - 14:00

Oxytocin could help treat alcohol use disorder - 14:00

Additional routine ultrasounds benefit mothers and babies, and could be cost saving, study finds - 14:00

Corals in the Red Sea offer long-term view of the south Asian summer monsoon - 13:30

Astronomers discover third planet in the Kepler-47 circumbinary system - 13:00

Scientists crack the code to regenerate plant tissues - 13:00

When it comes to learning, what's better: The carrot or the stick? - 13:00

Bacteria harness viruses to distinguish friend from foe - 13:00