Monday th 15th of October 2018

The Neil Armstrong biopic ‘First Man’ captures early spaceflight's terror - 01:24

Genealogy databases could reveal the identity of most Americans - 01:24

We’re probably undervaluing healthy lakes and rivers - 01:24

Tuesday th 9th of October 2018

These light-loving bacteria may survive surprisingly deep underground - 15:30

Nearly 2 million U.S. adult nonsmokers vape - 13:06

‘Sawbones’ invites readers to laugh at the bizarre history of medicine - 06:05

Monday th 8th of October 2018

How your brain is like a film editor - 12:00

The economics of climate change and tech innovation win U.S. pair a Nobel - 11:20

Spiky ice spires may stud the equator of Jupiter’s moon Europa - 10:20

Sunday th 7th of October 2018

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees versus 2 has big benefits, the IPCC says - 20:20

Friday th 5th of October 2018

The universe’s continued existence implies extra dimensions are tiny - 15:40

‘Einstein’s Shadow’ explores what it takes to snap a black hole’s picture - 12:20

A new ultrafast laser emits pulses of light 30 billion times a second - 06:24

Thursday th 4th of October 2018

City size and structure may influence influenza epidemics - 14:20

Saturn’s ‘ring rain’ is a surprising cocktail of chemicals - 13:20

How wind power could contribute to a warming climate - 10:20

Wednesday th 3rd of October 2018

Speeding up evolution to create useful proteins wins the chemistry Nobel - 18:00

Physicist Leon Lederman, renowned for his subatomic particle work, has died - 16:40

A 90,000-year-old bone knife hints special tools appeared early in Africa - 13:20

Hubble may have spotted the first known exomoon - 13:20

Lemur study suggests why some fruits smell so fruity - 13:20

Speeding up the evolution of proteins wins the chemistry Nobel - 06:40

Tuesday th 2nd of October 2018

Giraffes inherit their spots from their mothers - 17:20

Dazzling laser feats earn these physicists a Nobel - 15:40

Tracking how rainfall morphs Earth’s surface could help forecast flooding - 08:20

Groundbreaking ways of manipulating light win trio the 2018 physics Nobel - 06:40

Monday th 1st of October 2018

Discovery of how to prod a patient’s immune system to fight cancer wins a Nobel - 16:30

Gene editing can speed up plant domestication - 10:04

Smuggling a CRISPR gene editor into staph bacteria can kill the pathogen - 08:20

Cancer immunotherapy wins the 2018 medicine Nobel Prize - 06:02

Sunday th 30th of September 2018

We may not have found aliens yet because we’ve barely begun looking - 07:10

Friday th 28th of September 2018

Hints of weird particles from space may defy physicists’ standard model - 13:10

Warm tropical Atlantic waters juiced the 2017 hurricane season - 10:50

This reflective paint could keep sunbaked buildings cool - 08:10

Before his early death, Riemann freed geometry from Euclidean prejudices - 06:10

Thursday th 27th of September 2018

Feral cats appear to be pathetic at controlling New York City’s rats - 15:10

The CDC says 80,000 people died from the flu last year - 14:50

Laser mapping shows the surprising complexity of the Maya civilization - 13:30

In China, a deadly strain of bird flu now easily infects ducks - 10:10

Wednesday th 26th of September 2018

Survey raises worries about how screen time affects kids’ brains - 17:50

Readers contemplate water on Mars and more - 14:50

Celebrating successes while examining failures - 14:50

Fiberglass-spinning robots could be construction workers of the future - 13:10

Manta rays have an unusual mouth filter that resists clogging - 13:10

A new species of high-altitude hummingbird may already be in trouble - 08:10

Douglas Stanford probes the chaos inside black holes - 07:50

Anshumali Shrivastava uses AI to wrangle torrents of data - 07:50

Joaquín Rodríguez-López designs batteries for a sustainable energy future - 07:50

Lisa Manning describes the physics of how cells move - 07:50

Paula Jofré makes stellar connections - 07:50