Monday th 1st of April 2019

The LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors are back on - 10:40

In ‘The Perfect Predator,’ viruses vanquish a deadly superbug - 08:20

A new quantum engine packs more power than its standard counterparts - 06:20

Sunday th 31st of March 2019

A single-dose antidote may help prevent fentanyl overdoses - 04:10

Friday th 29th of March 2019

Watch a desert kangaroo rat drop-kick a rattlesnake - 13:10

Readers respond to classroom robots, soil erosion and more - 11:50

The science of CBD lags behind its marketing - 11:50

The first known fossil of a Denisovan skull has been found in a Siberian cave - 10:10

4 things we’ll learn from the first close-up image of a black hole - 09:10

One Antarctic ice shelf gets half its annual snowfall in just 10 days - 06:10

Thursday th 28th of March 2019

Saturn’s rings paint some of its moons shades of blue and red - 13:10

Chytrid’s frog-killing toll has been tallied — and it’s bad - 13:10

Geneticists close in on how mosquitoes sniff out human sweat - 10:20

50 years ago, drug abuse was higher among physicians than the public - 06:20

Wednesday th 27th of March 2019

Treating cystic fibrosis patients before birth could safeguard organs - 13:20

Blood vessels built from a patient’s cells could help people on dialysis - 13:20

Kuiper Belt dust may be in our atmosphere (and NASA labs) right now - 09:00

The CBD boom is way ahead of the science - 05:20

Tuesday th 26th of March 2019

Epileptic seizures may scramble memories during sleep - 13:00

Sperm with damaged DNA may cause some repeat miscarriages - 10:00

A single sweaty workout may boost some people’s memory - 05:20

Monday th 25th of March 2019

Edibles are tied to more severe health issues than smoking marijuana - 16:40

Signs of new nerve cells spotted in adult brains - 11:10

How a proton gets its spin is surprisingly complicated - 06:10

Sunday th 24th of March 2019

Saber-toothed cats were fierce and family-oriented - 05:10

Friday th 22nd of March 2019

Women have a new weapon against postpartum depression, but it’s costly - 13:50

U.S. fentanyl deaths are rising fastest among African Americans - 12:30

The oldest known astrolabe was used on one of Vasco da Gama’s ships - 05:10

Thursday th 21st of March 2019

Saving monkey testicle tissue before puberty hints at a new way to preserve fertility - 13:50

Newfound fossils in China highlight a dizzying diversity of Cambrian life - 13:50

A new ketamine-based antidepressant raises hope — and questions - 06:10

Wednesday th 20th of March 2019

Ryugu is probably a chip off one of these two other asteroids - 14:40

X-ray ‘chimneys’ connect the Milky Way to mysterious gamma-ray bubbles - 13:20

In a first, a fossilized egg is found preserved inside an ancient bird - 05:20

Tuesday th 19th of March 2019

Surprising astronomers, Bennu spits plumes of dust into space - 14:00

The learning gap between rich and poor students hasn’t changed in decades - 09:20

How a tiger transforms into a man-eater - 06:00

Monday th 18th of March 2019

Ultima Thule may be a frankenworld - 16:40

People can sense Earth’s magnetic field, brain waves suggest - 12:20

Meet India’s starry dwarf frog — a species with no close relatives - 09:20

Resurrecting woolly mammoth cells is hard to do - 06:20

Sunday th 17th of March 2019

‘Epic Yellowstone’ captures the thriving ecosystem of the world-famous park - 06:20

Friday th 15th of March 2019

Some shrimp make plasma with their claws. Now a 3-D printed claw can too - 13:20

U.S. heart attack mortality reached a two-decade low in 2014 - 10:40

A new exhibit takes a deep dive into the iconic dinosaur - 06:20

Thursday th 14th of March 2019

The rise of farming altered our bite and changed how people talk - 13:20

Flickers and buzzes sweep mouse brains of Alzheimer’s plaques - 10:10

Students worldwide are striking to demand action on climate change - 07:10

What happens when the Bering Sea’s ice disappears? - 05:50

Wednesday th 13th of March 2019

An origami design helps this robot lift delicate and heavy cargo - 23:10