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Astronauts Ready for Shuttle Launch Amid NASA Uncertainty

10 years ago from

Six NASA astronauts are ready to rocket into space on the shuttle Endeavour in just over a week as questions swirl over the space agency's future spaceflight plans.

India plans manned space flight in 2016

10 years ago from UPI

NEW DELHI, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- India's space agency says it needs $4.8 billion to put two astronauts in orbit for seven days in 2016.

Solar eclipse seen from space

10 years ago from European Space Agency

People across Africa and Asia marvelled at the solar eclipse that took place on 15 January. At the same time it was being recorded from orbit – by ESA’s Sun-watching...

Astronomers find new way to detect supernovas

10 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Scientists have discovered a new way of detecting gamma ray bursts while using radio telescopes to observe supernovas.

Andrew E. Lange dies at 52; Caltech physicist

10 years ago from LA Times - Science

He was co-leader of an international team that produced a detailed image of remnants of the Big Bang showing the universe is flat. ...

GOES-P proceeds toward launch

10 years ago from Physorg

The latest Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, GOES-P is proceeding through more checks in preparation for its launch, which is no earlier than March 1.

NASA Budget Request Expected to Realign U.S. Spaceflight Goals

10 years ago from

NASA chief Charles Bolden will unveil the space agency's spending priorities in 2011 on Feb. 1, a request expected to realign the future of U.S. human spaceflight.

Oracle completes acquisition of Sun Microsystems

10 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Oracle says its $7.4 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems has been completed.

Oddball Cosmic Explosion Holds Clues to Universe's Biggest Bangs

10 years ago from

Scientists have observed a peculiar type of star death across the universe that could help explain nature's most powerful explosions.

U.S. general urges world war on space debris

10 years ago from Reuters:Science

HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) - World powers must find ways to reduce the amount of debris in orbit, as the collision risk it poses to spacecraft is increasing, the head of...

Uruguay seeks to defuse pulp mill row with Argentina

10 years ago from UPI

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Uruguay's President-elect Jose Mujica is seeking a quick and amicable resolution of a continuing row with Argentina over a border pulp mill that...

Ascent Scientific Licenses Novel Columbia University Technology for High-Resolution Optical Imaging of Synaptic Activity in the Brain

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Columbia University and Ascent Scientific announced that they have entered into a license agreement for FFN511, a novel fluorescent probe for optical imaging and measurement of synaptic activity in the...

U.S. and Israeli space agencies sign pact

10 years ago from UPI

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- NASA says it has signed an agreement with the Israel Space Agency recognizing the Israel Network for Lunar Science and Exploration as an affiliate...

Roger Wakimoto named NCAR director

10 years ago from UPI

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 27 (UPI) -- The associate director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Roger Wakimoto, has been named the facility's new director, effective Monday.

Panasonic Intros Super Compact Digital Camera Featuring AVCHD Lite HD Video Recording

10 years ago from Physorg

Panasonic today announced the introduction of the LUMIX DMC-ZR3, a fully-featured digital camera complete with AVCHD Lite High Defintion (HD) video recording capabilities, a 25mm ultra-wide-angle Leica lens and a...

Russia working on new booster rocket

10 years ago from UPI

MOSCOW, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- The design for a new booster rocket for the next generation of Russian manned spacecraft should be completed in August, an official said Tuesday.

DirecTV, Dish sue Mass. over satellite TV tax

10 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Satellite TV operators DirecTV and Dish Network are teaming up to sue Massachusetts for imposing a 5 percent tax on satellite services.

The End of the Line for NASA's Mars Rover

10 years ago from Science NOW

Plus more highlights from Science's policy blog, ScienceInsider [Read more]

Some Solar Storms Start With a Twist

10 years ago from Science NOW

Spiraling magnetic fields can foreshadow dangerous flares [Read more]

231-mph NH wind gust is no longer world's fastest

10 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- First the Old Man, now the Big Wind. New Hampshire's Mount Washington has lost its distinction as the site of the fastest wind gust ever recorded on...

Life, but not as we know it | Adam Rutherford

10 years ago from The Guardian - Science

If aliens do exist in the Goldilocks zones of outer space, I'm not convinced we'll recognise themFor 21st-century renaissance science, look no ­further than the stars. Closer to home, the Royal Society, as...

zeroHouse Speaks To The Conservationist And The Romanticist

10 years ago from Physorg

As if designing an energy-neutral, self-sustaining home for four was not enough for Scott Specht and Louise Harpman, of the NYC/Austin-based architectural firm Specht Harpman, the zeroHouse(TM) has even more...

Close Encounter with Mars

10 years ago from Physorg

It rises in the east at sunset, pumpkin-orange and brighter than a first magnitude star. You stare at it, unblinking. Unblinking, it stares right back. It is Mars.

Close Encounter with Mars

10 years ago from Science @ NASA

This week Earth and Mars are having a close encounter. On Jan. 27th, the Red Planet will be only 99 million kilometers away and look bigger through a telescope than...

Gazprom in gas talks with South Korea

10 years ago from UPI

MOSCOW, Jan. 26 (UPI) -- A delegation from South Korea's Kogas arrived in Moscow to discuss the terms of natural gas imports from Russian energy monopoly Gazprom.

A Flare for Forecasting: Sun Seismology Points to Better Solar Weather Predictions

10 years ago from Scientific American

A team of solar scientists says it has improved on approaches that predict the eruption of solar flares, violent bursts of energy that can damage satellites, endanger astronauts in orbit...

Proba-2 takes a new look at the sun

10 years ago from UPI

PARIS, Jan. 26 (UPI) -- The European Space Agency says its Proba-2 satellite has started observing the sun, while also demonstrating technologies for future space missions.

Peeing In Space

10 years ago from

Take 2 minutes with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and you too will know how to pee in space.  And the origins of shooting stars.   He starts with "when you go...