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Watch: Oscar Isaac says finishing 'Star Wars: Episode IX' was emotional, 'unbelievable'

5 days ago from UPI

Oscar Isaac detailed what it felt like to finish filming "Star Wars: Episode IX" while appearing on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Watch: Mandy Moore details 'outdoorsy' honeymoon in Chile

5 days ago from UPI

"This is Us" star Mandy Moore enjoyed an "active" honeymoon in Chile following her wedding to Taylor Goldsmith.

Energy loss gives unexpected insights in evolution of quasar

5 days ago from Physorg

An international team of astrophysicists observed for the first time that the jet of a quasar is less powerful on long radio wavelengths than earlier predicted. This discovery gives new...

Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life

5 days ago from Physorg

Carbon monoxide detectors in our homes warn of a dangerous buildup of that colorless, odorless gas we normally associate with death. Astronomers, too, have generally assumed that a build-up of...

Superbugs have colonized the International Space Station -- but there's a silver lining

5 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have taken another small step towards deep space exploration, by testing a new silver- and ruthenium-based antimicrobial coating aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Their study shows that the...

IGR J17503-2636 may be a supergiant fast X-ray transient, study finds

5 days ago from Physorg

European astronomers have investigated a recently discovered hard X-ray transient known as IGR J17503-2636 using space observatories. Results of this study, presented in a paper published March 7 on the...

Weirdly shaped, very dark: Ultima Thule is revealing the outer solar system’s secrets

5 days ago from LA Times - Science

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft successfully flew past the most distant world ever explored by humans on New Year’s Day. Now, a clearer picture of the 22-mile-long object known as Ultima...

ESA's Hera asteroid mission borrows eyes of NASA's Dawn

5 days ago from Physorg

The mission to the smallest asteroid ever explored will employ the same main camera as the mission to the largest asteroids of all. ESA's proposed Hera spacecraft to the Didymos...

Venus and Jupiter Shine Over a Dreamy Lunar Eclipse (Photo)

5 days ago from

Venus, Jupiter and the full moon light up the morning sky in this panoramic photo captured during the final stage of the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" total lunar eclipse on...

1st Scientist on the Moon Says NASA Lacks Urgency for Lunar Landing

5 days ago from

NASA lacks the urgency needed to get back to the moon, according to one of the last astronauts to step foot on the moon and the only scientist to do...

'Space's Deepest Secrets' Probes Mystery of 'Oumuamua Tonight (Video)

5 days ago from

The Science Channel series "Space's Deepest Secrets" returns tonight (March 19) at 10 p.m. EDT with a look at a mysterious interstellar visitor.

Space Orbiter Spots 'Hairy Blue Spider' on Mars

5 days ago from

Bowie was right; there really is a "spider" from Mars.

83 Gargantuan Black Holes Spotted Guzzling Down Dinner at the Edge of the Universe

5 days ago from

The supermassive black holes were birthed during the universe's infancy.

Brazilian physicist wins $1.4 million Templeton Prize

5 days ago from Reuters:Science

Brazilian physicist and astronomer Marcelo Gleiser has been awarded the 2019 Templeton Prize, worth $1.4 million, for his work blending science and spirituality.

Fund to boost female and black physicist numbers

Astrophysics star launches a scheme to help female and black students to become researchers.

Saturn at equinox

5 days ago from European Space Agency

Space Science Image of the Week: Earth’s annual March equinox occurs this week, but this outer Solar System equivalent only takes place once every 15 years

ESA Highlights 2018

5 days ago from European Space Agency

ESA Highlights takes you on a visual adventure through the world of space and discovery, illustrating many of ESA's key achievements throughout the year

AP finds hot records falling twice as often as cold ones

5 days ago from Physorg

Over the past 20 years, Americans have been twice as likely to sweat through record-breaking heat rather than shiver through record-setting cold, a new Associated Press data analysis shows.

How Ultima Thule Is Like a Sticky, Pull-Apart Pastry

5 days ago from NY Times Science

Scientists from the New Horizons mission presented their latest findings about the small distant object visited by the NASA spacecraft at the start of the year.

Watch: Dirk Nowitzki passes Wilt Chamberlain on NBA all-time scoring list

5 days ago from UPI

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki reclaimed the No. 6 spot on the NBA's all-time scoring list with a basket against the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night.

Scientists surprised to discover meteor exploded over Bering Sea in December

On Dec. 18, 2018, a large meteor streaked across the sky over the Bering Sea before exploding with 10 times the strength of the atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in...

Sneaky Meteor Evades Earthling Detection, Explodes with Force of 10 Atomic Bombs

5 days ago from Live Science

One of the largest meteor impacts in modern history occurred over Russia on Dec. 18, 2018. Hardly anyone noticed it — and nobody saw it coming.

New Horizons team unravels the many mysteries of Ultima Thule

5 days ago from Physorg

The farthest object ever explored is slowly revealing its secrets, as scientists piece together the puzzles of Ultima Thule – the Kuiper Belt object NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past...

NASA sees Savannah lose its tropical eye

5 days ago from Physorg

Tropical Cyclone Savannah weakened and "lost" its eye as high clouds filtered over it. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the Southern Indian Ocean and captured a visible image of...

Queen Guitarist Brian May Scores Ultima Thule Flyby Time-Lapse Video

5 days ago from

An ethereal track by Queen lead guitarist Brian May accompanies the awe-inspiring time-lapse view from NASA's New Horizons flyby of a distant solar system object.

NASA's New Horizons Reveals Geologic 'Frankenstein' That Formed Ultima Thule

6 days ago from

Less than three months after the New Horizons spacecraft zoomed past a distant, cold space rock, scientists are beginning to piece together the story of how that object, nicknamed Ultima...

Spiraling giants: Witnessing the birth of a massive binary star system

6 days ago from Science Daily

Scientists have made observations of a molecular cloud that is collapsing to form two massive protostars that will eventually become a binary star system. The observations showed that already at...

March Full Moon 2019: When to See the 'Super Worm Moon'

6 days ago from

The full moon of March, called the Worm Moon, will occur on Wednesday, March 20, at 9:43 p.m. EDT (0143 GMT on March 21), just under four hours after the...