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New plastic pyrolysis capacity planned in the US

2 hours ago from C&EN

Braven Environmental and Encina will build plants in Virginia and Texas, respectively

Climate change: Road plans will scupper CO2 targets, report says

The majority of emissions cuts from electric cars will be wiped out by new road-building.

Mexico City buried its river and lakes to prevent disease. But then COVID-19 happened.

2 hours ago from PopSci

Certain winds and weather can turn Mexico City into a dust bowl, making it hard for residents to breathe. (Mario Aranda/Pixabay/)Elena Delavega is an associate professor of Social Work at the University of...

Sea surface temperature has a big impact on coral outplant survival

3 hours ago from Physorg

Global average sea surface temperatures have risen at unprecedented rates for the past three decades, with far-reaching consequences for coral reefs. Today, the majority of coral reefs are surviving at...

Study sheds light on bushfires' microclimate impact

3 hours ago from Physorg

A study examining the urban microclimatic impact of the 2019-20 Australian bushfires has uncovered how they affect local meteorological and air quality.

New evidence of long-term volcanic, seismic risks in northern Europe

4 hours ago from Science Daily

An ancient European volcanic region may pose both a greater long-term volcanic risk and seismic risk to northwestern Europe than scientists had realized, geophysicists report. The densely populated area is...

Temperature checks and hotels: Newsom details new precautions for wildfire evacuations

4 hours ago from LA Times - Health

Gov. Gavin Newsom warned Californians about growing wildfire dangers and described changes to evacuation protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A new look at deep-sea microbes

4 hours ago from Science Daily

Microbes found deeper in the ocean are believed to have slow population turnover rates and low amounts of available energy. But a new examination of microbial communities found deeper in...

A 'regime shift' is happening in the Arctic Ocean

4 hours ago from Science Daily

Scientists find the growth of phytoplankton in the Arctic Ocean has increased 57 percent over just two decades, enhancing its ability to soak up carbon dioxide. While once linked to...

Michael Cohen taken back into federal custody

4 hours ago from UPI

President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was taken back into federal custody on Thursday months after being released to home confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

French minister: Consensus that Notre Dame should be restored faithfully

5 hours ago from UPI

France's incoming culture minister said Thursday there's consensus among experts and the public that Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral should be restored to its former appearance.

Record-breaking Tropical Storm Fay forms off Atlantic coast

5 hours ago from UPI

An area of showers and thunderstorms that forecasters were scrutinizing all week has developed into Tropical Storm Fay off the coast of the Carolinas

Study looks at life inside and outside of seafloor hydrocarbon seeps

6 hours ago from Physorg

Microbial cells are found in abundance in marine sediments beneath the ocean and make up a significant amount of the total microbial biomass on the planet. Microbes found deeper in...

A new approach to carbon capture

7 hours ago from MIT Research

An essential component of any climate change mitigation plan is cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities. Some power plants now have CO2 capture equipment that grabs CO2 out of their exhaust. But those systems...

New study predicts coral bleaching and coral-eating starfish invasions months in advance

7 hours ago from Physorg

A new study by the Marine Laboratory at the University of Guam may help researchers predict coral bleaching months earlier than current tools, and, for the first time, may help...

'Glee' star Naya Rivera presumed dead by drowning, sheriff's official says

7 hours ago from UPI

Efforts to locate actor Naya Rivera at a Southern California lake have switched from a rescue to a recovery operation, sheriff's officials said Thursday.

Scientists urge caution, further assessment of ecological impacts above deep sea mining

7 hours ago from Science Daily

A new study argues that deep-sea mining poses significant risks, not only to the area immediately surrounding mining operations but also to the water hundreds to thousands of feet above...

Tiger Woods docuseries coming to HBO in December

7 hours ago from UPI

"Tiger," a two-part series exploring "the rise, fall, and epic comeback" of golfer Tiger Woods," will premiere Dec. 13 on HBO.

Changes in phytoplankton concentration now drive increased Arctic Ocean primary production

8 hours ago from Science NOW

Historically, sea ice loss in the Arctic Ocean has promoted increased phytoplankton primary production because of the greater open water area and a longer growing season. However, debate remains about...

A 'regime shift' is happening in the Arctic Ocean, scientists say

8 hours ago from Physorg

Scientists at Stanford University have discovered a surprising shift in the Arctic Ocean. Exploding blooms of phytoplankton, the tiny algae at the base of a food web topped by whales...

Socio-economic, environmental impacts of COVID-19 quantified

8 hours ago from Physorg

The first comprehensive study of the pandemic shows consumption losses amount to more than US$3.8 trillion, triggering full-time equivalent job losses of 147 million and the biggest-ever drop in greenhouse...

Aquaculture's role in nutrition in the COVID-19 era

8 hours ago from Physorg

Aquaculture, the relatively young but fast-growing industry of farming of fish and other marine life, now produces around half of all seafood consumed by humans. A new paper from American...

Conditions ripe for active Amazon fire, Atlantic hurricane seasons

8 hours ago from Physorg

Warmer than average sea surface temperatures in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean so far in 2020 have set the stage for an active hurricane season and elevated the risk of...

Lead fallout from Notre Dame fire was likely overlooked

8 hours ago from Science Daily

A new study used soil samples collected from neighborhoods around the cathedral to estimate local amounts of lead fallout from the fire.

Look: Sabrina Carpenter dances in teaser for Netflix's 'Work It'

9 hours ago from UPI

"Work It," a dance comedy starring Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy and Jordan Fisher, will premiere Aug. 7 on Netflix.

Coronavirus: Dirty air 'on the rise again' in UK cities

10 hours ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

As Britain eases out of its Covid-19 lockdown, nitrogen vehicle emissions look to be going back up.

Soil carbon research reduces uncertainty in predicting climate change impacts

10 hours ago from Physorg

DOE and USDA researchers use new global models to study how environmental controllers affect soil organic carbon, changes in which can alter atmospheric carbon concentrations and affect climate. Predictions could...

Ocean acidification and human health

10 hours ago from Physorg

While ocean acidification was initially perceived as a threat only to the marine realm, the authors of a new publication argue that it is also an emerging human health issue.