Science Blog

Wednesday th 12th of August 2020

The quantum brain: What a laser can tell us about the relationship between entangled photons and neurons - 13:00

How World War I strengthened women’s suffrage - 13:00

To solve climate change, we must deal with heat - 13:00

Kamala Harris likely will boost enthusiasm for Joe Biden among Black voters - 13:00

Lipoic acid supplements help some obese but otherwise healthy people lose weight - 13:00

Tuesday th 11th of August 2020

Baking and Boiling Botnets Could Drive Energy Market Swings and Damage - 09:30

Indigenous Property Rights Protect the Amazon Rainforest - 09:30

Researchers launch first-of-its-kind coronavirus statistics portal - 09:00

3 Questions: Asegun Henry on five “grand thermal challenges” to stem the tide of global warming - 09:00

Dwarf planet Ceres has reservoirs of salty water - 09:00

Excluding undocumented immigrants from stimulus funds cost $10 billion in economic activity - 09:00

Brightest-known fluorescent materials have academic, commercial potential - 09:00

Portable UV Disinfection Chambers Could Help Address PPE Shortage - 09:00

Bees use shark ‘supersense’ to help find food - 08:30

Monday th 10th of August 2020

Messing with weather: Is that messed up – or what? Maybe, maybe not - 19:11

In a warming world, New England’s trees are storing more carbon - 10:20

NASA’s Maven observes martian night sky pulsing in ultraviolet light - 10:20

Moonquakes and marsquakes: How we peer inside other worlds - 09:52

Here’s Visible Proof Masks Work - 09:52

Expect More Rainfall Variability for California - 09:52

Geothermal Brines Could Propel Green Economy - 09:52

Evolutionary theory of economic decisions - 09:52

U.S. democracy facing historic crisis - 09:52

Blacks and Latinos far more likely to be facing housing displacement during pandemic - 09:52

Resistant cancer cells can be targeted for elimination - 09:52

Sunday th 9th of August 2020

Climate change: Making or not making air pollution in America worse? - 21:20

Saturday th 8th of August 2020

Molecular changes in Alzheimer’s begin decades before detectable cognitive impairments - 18:00

Parental warmth on high-conflict days helps teens to feel loved - 18:00

Test accurately IDs people whose gonorrhea can be cured with simple oral antibiotic - 18:00

Brain noise contains unique signature of dream sleep - 18:00

That little voice in your head — if you have it — may be aligning your thoughts - 18:00

Collecting Hot Carriers: New Process Harvests Excited Quasiparticles - 18:00

Deprived of Oxygen, Layers of Bacteria Get Creative - 18:00

New generation of drugs show early efficacy against drug-resistant TB - 17:30

Five simple steps would tame COVID-19 - 17:30

A new way to target resistant cancer - 17:30

Strong link found between abnormal liver tests and poor COVID-19 outcomes - 17:30

An averted glance gives a glimpse of the mind behind the eyes - 17:30

Friday th 7th of August 2020

The Quiet Sun - 03:30

Thursday th 6th of August 2020

Implanted Neural Stem Cell Grafts Show Functionality in Spinal Cord Injuries - 15:00

Survey: Most Americans willing to vaccinate for COVID-19 - 15:00

Nanoparticle system captures heart-disease biomarker from blood for in-depth analysis - 14:31

A Pathway to Longer-Lasting Lithium Batteries - 14:31

Non-Invasive Nerve Stimulation Boosts Learning of Foreign Language Sounds - 14:31

Men Scoring Higher on ‘Man Box’ Scale are Prone to Violence, Mental Illness - 14:31

Rice cooker, Instapot an effective tool to disinfect n95 masks - 14:31

Journalists’ Twitter use shows them talking within smaller bubbles - 14:31

AI May Offer a Better Way to ID Drug-Resistant Superbugs - 14:31

Q&A: How coronavirus is putting a spotlight on sex differences in medicine - 09:11

Wednesday th 5th of August 2020

No Air, No Problem: How Parasites Survive Without Oxygen Inside Host - 12:50