Science Blog

Wednesday th 5th of August 2020

Half of Low-Income Communities Have No ICU Beds - 11:30

Dinosaur relative’s genome linked to mammals - 11:30

Understanding why some children enjoy TV more than others - 11:30

Study reveals impact of powerful CEOs and money laundering on bank performance - 11:30

Ocean heatwaves dramatically shift habitats - 11:30

Trade and climate change increase pest threat to Europe’s forests - 10:11

Tuesday th 4th of August 2020

Inhibiting Enzyme Helps Cancer Immunotherapy Work Better - 14:00

Will COVID-19 mark the end of scientific publishing as we know it? - 14:00

Treating children for worms yields long-term benefits, says new study - 14:00

Without action, climate deaths could soar by century’s end - 14:00

Music’s Effect on the Aging Brain - 14:00

Engineers evaluate snow drought in different parts of the world - 14:00

Social bonds in adulthood don’t mediate early life trauma - 14:00

Decoy receptor neutralizes coronavirus in cell cultures - 14:00

When inequality is significant, free markets are not necessarily the way to go, says Northwestern economist - 12:30

Cutting the risks of premature birth - 03:20

Q&A: Plate tectonics is fundamental to understanding Earth’s evolution – but big questions remain - 03:20

Monday th 3rd of August 2020

Air quality forecasting: It’s nothing if not prescient! - 20:30

Quantum entanglement could give a slight advantage in blackjack - 13:00

Forty percent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life, experts say - 13:00

Students need to be tested every 2-3 days for colleges to safely reopen - 13:00

Portable clotting agent slows internal bleeding by 97% in mice - 13:00

Childhood trauma can speed biological aging - 13:00

New species in an urban ecosystem (read: solar panel) - 13:00

Shock Waves Might Offer the Jolt Needed to Reach Mars - 13:00

Dingoes have gotten bigger over the last 80 years – and pesticides might be to blame - 13:00

Racial Discrimination Linked to Suicide - 13:00

Demolishing vacant houses can have positive effect on neighbor maintenance - 13:00

Major depressive episodes more common than previously believed, study finds - 12:31

Unequal neutron-star mergers create unique ‘bang’ in simulations - 12:30

Sunday th 2nd of August 2020

Federal court judge reinstates methane-waste rule; BLM rule-rescission-attempt fails - 11:31

Friday th 31st of July 2020

Rapid antibody development yields possible treatment for yellow fever - 17:11

A plunge in incoming sunlight may have triggered ‘Snowball Earths’ - 17:11

Another Win for the Standard Model: New Study Defies Decades-Old ‘Discrepancy’ With High-Precision Measurement - 17:11

Swim like a fish, sense like a robot - 17:11

Google searches during pandemic hint at future increase in suicide - 17:10

The Mortality of Trees - 04:00

Thursday th 30th of July 2020

Poem: Biology Is Note Physics (Redux) - 14:30

Botox Injections May Lessen Depression - 14:30

Images of Antibodies as They Neutralize the COVID-19 Virus - 14:30

NASA, ULA Launch Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission to Red Planet - 14:30

Cosmic tango between the very small and the very large - 14:30

Wednesday th 29th of July 2020

Algorithm finds hidden connections between paintings at the Met - 18:00

‘Giant atoms’ enable quantum processing and communication in one - 18:00

What does the future of artificial intelligence mean for humans? - 17:30

Study sheds light on the evolution of the earliest dinosaurs - 17:30

‘Liquid biopsy’ tech contributes to successful clinical trial for detecting breast cancer recurrence - 11:10

Augmented reality tool shown to help surgeons remotely guide first responders in battlefield-like scenarios - 11:10

Scientists tap novel technologies to solve mystery of how water ‘grows’ - 11:10

‘Quantum negativity’ can power ultra-precise measurements - 11:10