Science Daily

Wednesday th 30th of April 2008

Copper Nanowires Grown By New Process Create Long-lasting Displays - 13:55

Stem Cell-Like Cancer Cells Resistant To Standard Therapy, Responsive To Targeted Therapy - 13:55

Bison Can Thrive Again, Study Says - 13:55

Newly Refined Antibody Therapy May Be Potent Treatment For Autoimmune Diseases - 13:55

New Findings Challenge Conventional Ideas On Evolution Of Human Diet, Natural Selection - 13:55

Why People Engage In Risky Behavior While Intoxicated: Imaging Study Provides Glimpse Of Alcohol's Effect On Brain - 13:55

Scientists Make Chemical Cousin Of DNA For Use As New Nanotechnology Building Block - 13:55

Epilepsy Drug Causes Bone Loss In Young Women, Study Shows - 13:55

Single-celled Bacterium Works 24/7 - 13:55

Hydrogen Sulphide, The Smell Of Sewage And Rotten Eggs, May Be Involved In Regulating Blood Pressure - 13:55

High-flying Electrons May Provide New Test Of Quantum Theory - 13:55

NASA Satellite Pins Down Timer In Stellar Ticking Time Bomb - 13:55

Consistencies Found In Synaesthesia: Letter 'A' Is Red For Many; 'V' Is Purple - 13:55

Hyperviscous Fluids: Better Treatment For Severe Blood Loss - 13:55

Targeted Combination Therapy Triggers Cell Death in Mouse Models of Metastatic Cancer - 13:55

New Class Of Fatty Acids Discovered - 13:55

Pesticide Metabolites Associated With Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancers, Study Shows - 13:55

'New' Ancient Antarctic Sediment Reveals Climate Change History - 13:55

'Emotional Inflation' Leads To Stock Market Meltdown - 13:55

Before Fossil Fuels, Earth's Minerals Kept Carbon Dioxide In Check - 13:55

Promising Early Evidence Of The Superior Benefits Of Drug Therapy For Diabetic Eye Disease - 13:55

Life-Probing Instrument Preparing For Mission To Mars - 13:55

Aspirin-like Compounds Increase Insulin Secretion In Otherwise Healthy Obese People - 13:55

First Nanoscale Image Of Soil Reveals An 'Incredible' Variety, Rich With Patterns - 13:55

Moral Philosopher Questions Memory Manipulation - 13:55

Nanoengineered Barrier Is World's Best Protection From Moisture And Oxygen - 13:55

Biomarkers Identified For Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - 13:55

Virtual World Therapeautic For Addicts: Study Shows Impact Of Environment To Addiction Cravings - 13:55

Researchers Discover Molecular Basis Of A Form Of Muscular Dystrophy - 13:55

Boost For 'Green Plastics' From Plants - 13:55