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Mars Rover Opportunity Ascends to Level Ground

10 years ago from Physorg

( -- NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has climbed out of the large crater that it had been examining from the inside since last September.

First Light from Space Telescope Reveals Gamma-Ray Sky

10 years ago from Scientific American

The first results from a powerful gamma-ray telescope launched into orbit earlier this summer show it is on track to unlock new secrets of the most energetic explosions in the...

Tests clear way for "Big Bang" experiment

10 years ago from Reuters:Science

GENEVA (Reuters) - Tests have cleared the way for the start-up next month of an experiment to restage a mini-version underground of the "Big Bang" which created the universe 15...

New LIDAR System Sees The Sky In 3D

10 years ago from Science Daily

A new LIDAR measurement system -- unique in the world -- will provide continuous data on atmospheric humidity for Western Switzerland's weather forecasting headquarters.

Colliding galaxies shed light on dark matter

10 years ago from Reuters:Science

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Astronomers have captured images of a powerful collision of galaxy clusters and say it may shed light on the behavior of dark matter.

Spanish study shows smoking-sport link

10 years ago from UPI

GRANADA, Spain, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- Spanish researchers say they have found a direct relation between sports and cutting adolescent tobacco usage.

Epson Develops New High-Resolution LTPS LCD

10 years ago from Physorg

Epson today announced the development of a 4-inch high-resolution low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD featuring Photo Fine Premia technology, which boasts both a wide viewing angle and a wide color...

'SciVee' Science Site Launches the Research Community's First 'Postercast' Capability

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Students and scientists can easily create and upload poster session presentations.

Satellite shooting unneeded says scientist

10 years ago from UPI

BOSTON, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy's February missile shoot down of a spy satellite was unnecessary, a Harvard scientist and former NASA employee said.

Study finds roommates can help each other

10 years ago from UPI

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Aug. 26 (UPI) -- A University of Michigan study finds you really can work things out with your college dorm roommates if you try.

How Do Galaxies Grow?

10 years ago from Physorg

How do galaxies form? The most widely accepted answer to this fundamental question is the model of 'hierarchical formation', a step-wise process in which small galaxies merge to build larger...

Astronomers confirm galaxy mergers

10 years ago from UPI

ZURICH, Switzerland, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- A team of astronomers in Switzerland say it has witnessed galaxies in the process of joining together.

Snowmelt Carved Mars Gullies Later Than Thought

10 years ago from National Geographic

Flowing meltwater a few hundred thousand years ago may have created gullies in a Martian crater—not dry avalanches or springs as previously believed.

Scientists See Moon as Research Outpost, Training Ground

10 years ago from Live Science

A new corps of scientists and technologies are vital for future moon research.

Pole trek needs last explorer

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

Descendants of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team search for a final explorer to complete their South Pole trek.

Rosetta spacecraft meets asteroid Steins

10 years ago from Physorg

ESA's Rosetta spacecraft will make a historic encounter with asteroid (2867) Steins on 5 September 2008.

Strange Clouds at the Edge of Space

10 years ago from Science @ NASA

Astronauts on board the International Space Station have recently photographed strange electric-blue clouds hovering at the edge of space.

Hubble sees magnetic monster in erupting galaxy

10 years ago from Science Blog

The Hubble Space Telescope has found the answer to a long-standing puzzle by resolving giant but delicate filaments shaped by a strong magnetic field around the active galaxy NGC 1275....

Enjoy a trip into science history: Rivet Spectacles

10 years ago from Science Blog

This is a well-deserved boost to my high school classmate and retired eye-surgeon David Fleishman, who has created the premier website for the collection of images and study of antique...

Giant manta ray moves into Georgia Aquarium

10 years ago from MSNBC: Science

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is now home to a new manta ray from South Africa — making it one of the few aquariums in the world with enough space...

New Video- Cassini's Mission to Saturn: Four Years of Discovery

10 years ago from

Cassini's mission continues to uncover secrets of the ringed planet. Credit: NASA/JPL

Bigelow Aerospace Advances Work on Full-scale Space Habitat

10 years ago from

Bigelow Aerospace is pushing to get a habitable space module launched.

Photo Shows Stars Born in Huge Cosmic Wombs

10 years ago from

A new infrared image reveals how hefty stars trigger stellar newborns.

Sky survey yields new cosmic haul

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

Astronomers uncover a haul of new objects in our Solar System - including an unusual icy object.

US-Russia chill threatens NASA space program

10 years ago from Physorg

The chill left on US-Russian relations by Moscow's military incursion into Georgia could spell problems for future US access to the International Space Station, US experts said.

The Struggle to Measure Cosmic Expansion

10 years ago from NY Times Science

Astronomers have made the most precise measurements yet of the Hubble constant, which expresses how fast the universe is growing.

A Trained Eye Finally Solved the Anthrax Puzzle

10 years ago from NY Times Science

Scientists used techniques not invented in 2001 to trace anthrax to its source, a flask in Bruce Ivins’s custody.

Hubble Images Solve Galactic Filament Mystery

10 years ago from NY Times Science

Astronomers have a new explanation for why filaments emanating from galaxy NGC 1275 can persist for millions of years.