Tuesday th 19th of March 2019

Underwater surveys in Emerald Bay reveal the nature and activity of Lake Tahoe faults - 13:33

Nature hits rewind: Research predicts what makes evolution go backwards - 13:33

How hot spots of genetic variation evolved in human DNA - 13:33

OSIRIS-REx spies on the weird, wild gravity of an asteroid - 13:33

Google unveils game streaming platform called Stadia - 13:33

Canada to assess Boeing 737 MAX airworthiness without US - 13:33

Facebook settles suits over ad-targeting discrimination - 13:33

Norwegian aluminum producer hit by cyberattack - 13:33

Woolly stars need catastrophes to live - 13:10

Study finds natural selection favors cheaters - 13:10

OSIRIS-REx reveals asteroid Bennu has big surprises - 13:10

Starving bacteria can eject their tails to save energy and stay alive - 13:10

Team identifies water-bearing minerals on asteroid Bennu - 13:10

Fishing for fun, not food: Study takes stock of recreational fishing impacts - 13:10

Hayabusa2 helps researchers understand ingredients for life in early solar system - 12:10

Emergency ascent in Indian Ocean as sub fills with smoke - 12:10

The rise and fall of Ziggy star formation and the rich dust from ancient stars - 12:10

Have microscope, will travel: New tech project links Madison, Boston scientists - 12:10

Extreme far right: 'pick'n'mix' ideologies and direct messaging online make for deadly new combination - 11:50

Researchers develop sensor to detect brain disorders in seconds - 11:50

World's largest study to monitor air quality exposure of 250 children - 11:50

Study identifies molecule that allows bacteria to breach cellular barriers - 11:50

Many pet owners keen to have vegan pets, study finds - 11:50

Across North America and the Atlantic, an enormous migration journey for a tiny songbird - 11:50

Speeding the development of fusion power to create unlimited energy on Earth - 11:50

Emotionally attuned managers are better at judging workgroup effectiveness: study - 11:50

Losses from US Midwest flooding seen above $1 bn - 11:50

Fermi Satellite clocks 'cannonball' pulsar speeding through space - 11:50

First Anatolian farmers were local hunter-gatherers that adopted agriculture - 11:20

Image: Saturn at equinox - 11:20

'Insectageddon' is 'alarmist by bad design': Scientists point out the study's major flaws - 11:20

Facebook says no one flagged NZ mosque shooting livestream - 11:20

Why we need a modern origin story today - 10:53

New model IDs primate species with potential to spread Zika in the Americas - 10:53

Triangle Bird Count to shed light on urban wildlife - 10:53

Facial motion capture helps bring VR documentary to life - 10:53

Smarter drug release thanks to control over encapsulation - 10:30

CRISPR gene editing: Why we need Slow Science - 10:30

Low-quality work influences what young people want out of a job - 10:30

More robots, more work - 10:30

Student-led CatSat mission selected by NASA - 10:30

Thumbs up for marine blueprint in the Mediterranean - 10:30

Anxieties over livestreams can help us design better Facebook and YouTube content moderation - 10:30

Scientists discover common blueprint for protein antibiotics - 10:30

Which habitable zones are the best to actually search for life? - 10:30

Want to increase staff loyalty? You'll need to be seen as important, new research suggests - 10:30

Does most of your paycheck go to rent? That may be hurting your health - 10:30

Dolphin smarts - 10:30

Scientists study fish to learn how to adapt to the impacts of climate change - 10:30

Uncovering the superconducting phosphine: P2H4 and P4H6 - 10:30