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Many children attribute white male monopoly on White House to discrimination

11 years ago from Physorg

A new study in the journal Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy explored elementary-school-age children's views about the role of race and gender in the U.S. presidency, Results indicated...

Infertility patients caught in the legal, moral and scientific embryo debate

11 years ago from LA Times - Science

Tough decisions about what to do with unused embryos lead to a bigger question: When does life begin? ...

Study Says Drug Samples May Endanger Children

11 years ago from NY Times Health

A new study suggests that free drug samples provided in doctors’ offices, a marketing tool, do little to help poor patients and may present health risks for children.

Donating embryos for research may be easier said than done

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

Obstacles include piles of paperwork, choosing the type of medical research, getting the consent of egg and sperm donors or simply finding an organization that will accept the donation. ...

Embryo adoption is no easy mission

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

A Los Angeles woman with unwanted embryos searches for someone to adopt them. But the process is fraught with legal, emotional and health issues. ...

Seeing Race And Seeming Racist? Whites Go Out Of Their Way To Avoid Talking About Race

11 years ago from Science Daily

White people -- including children as young as 10 -- may avoid talking about race so as not to appear prejudiced, according to new research. But that approach often backfires...

Visualizing Election Polls: An Animated, Interactive Way To Analyze Opinion Data

11 years ago from Science Daily

Do you want to know the percentage of white women who support vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin? What about college-educated versus high school-educated white women? Or those who also hunt?...

Hamsters among exotic pets that tots should avoid: U.S. group

11 years ago from CBC: Health

Young children should not have exotic animals as pets because of the risk of disease, says a U.S. pediatrician group.

Corner Stores Capture Kids On Morning Commute

11 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers recently examined the eating habits of urban children before and after school as part of a larger project to make corner store snacks healthier.

Female Medical Students Underestimate Their Abilities And Males Tend To Overestimate Theirs

11 years ago from Science Daily

Despite performing equally to their male peers in the classroom and the clinic, female medical students consistently report decreased self-confidence and increased anxiety, particularly over issues related to their competency.

Variations In Key Genes Increase Caucasians’ Risk Of Heroin Addiction

11 years ago from Science Daily

Sometimes, small changes do add up. In the case of addictive diseases, tiny variations in a few genes can increase or decrease the likelihood of some people developing a dependency...

Adolescent Insomnia Linked To Depression And Substance Abuse During Adolescence And Young Adulthood

11 years ago from Science Daily

A new study shows that adolescent insomnia symptoms are associated with depression, suicide ideation and attempts, and the use of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs such as cocaine.

Asian-white Couples Face Distinct Pregnancy Risks, Study Finds

11 years ago from Science Daily

Pregnant women who are part of an Asian-white couple face an increased risk of gestational diabetes as compared with couples in which both partners are white, according to a new...

Television Viewing And Aggression: Some Alternative Perspectives

11 years ago from Science Daily

Psychologists investigated the effect that exposure to violent TV programs has on negative behavior in children from different ethnic backgrounds. The results showed a positive relationship between the amount of...

Mark Vernon: Religion can't be explained by evolutionary scientists

11 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Mark Vernon: Contemporary research that focuses on what people may say about God puts the cart before the horse

Study sheds light on autism genes

11 years ago from UPI

CAMBRIDGE, England, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- The genes thought to cause autism may also confer on people without the condition mathematical, musical and other skills, researchers in England...

Google Opposes Anti-Gay Marriage Ban

11 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Google has taken a public stand against Proposition 8, an anti-gay marriage measure on the November ballot in California.

Netflix Adding More New Movies On-Demand

11 years ago from CBSNews - Science

A new partnership with Starz will offer subscribers 2,500 additional movies, icluding current hits such as No Country for Old Men, Superbad, and Ratatouille, as well as indie films, concerts,...

'Dexter's' bloody-minded expert

11 years ago from LA Times - Science

Real-life crime scene investigator Kimberlee Heale helps TV's 'Dexter' get the job done the right way. ...

For many rape victims, treatment and support services fall short

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

Each year in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 270,000 people are raped or sexually assaulted. The number is shocking enough. Also shocking is...

Verifying ADHD supplements' effectiveness is still several studies away

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

Some ingredients in Calm Child, Focus Factor for Kids and Pedia-Calm showed promise in early research, but prescription drugs have the best proven track record. ...

Emory University psychiatrist accused of conflict of interest

11 years ago from LA Times - Science

Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff failed to report a third of the income he received from companies whose drugs he was evaluating, a congressional investigation finds. ...

Viewers Will Receive Greatest Benefit In Presidential Town Hall Debate

11 years ago from Science Daily

The candidates will be joined by dozens of "undecided" citizens eager to interrogate the two presidential hopefuls. While political strategists and media pundits are busy pondering which candidate is best...

Effects Of Disclosing Financial Interests On Participation In Medical Research

11 years ago from Science Daily

Knowing how an investigator is paid for running a research study surprisingly plays a small role in patients' willingness to take part in clinical trials. However, according to a new...

Calming your thoughts through mindfulness

11 years ago from Physorg

Our worries. They're crescendoing like the finale of Beethoven's "Ninth": Bailouts, buyouts. Recession, depression.

Personal Best: Before Hustling to Finish, Relaxed Is a Good Way to Start

11 years ago from NY Times Health

Trainers and coaches say relaxation is crucial to a strong performance, and tension only serves to diminish an athlete's performance.

Recipes for Health: Tuna Risotto

11 years ago from NY Times Health

You can make something very close to a Venetian seafood risotto with just the ingredients in your pantry.

Leading Psychiatrist Failed to Report Drug Income

11 years ago from NY Times Health

Documents revealing the psychiatrist’s violation of federal research rules may help prompt reforms.