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New way to help schizophrenia sufferers' social skills

10 years ago from Physorg

Researchers from the University of Newcastle are investigating a new way to help schizophrenia patients develop their communication and social skills.

Social Psychology Can Be Used To Understand Nuclear Restraint

10 years ago from Science Daily

Social psychology is the study of how people and groups interact. A new study shows how social psychology can help us better understand the puzzle of nuclear restraint and uses...

Teen Suicides Dip, but Rate Remains High

10 years ago from NY Times Health

The rate of teen suicide remains disturbingly high, researchers said, possibly fueled by drug warnings that have scared many from using antidepressants.

A Conversation With Heidi B. Hammel: An Astronomer Devoted to the Icy and Far Away

10 years ago from NY Times Science

Heidi B. Hammel’s goals are to learn everything possible about Neptune and Uranus and to take the information to the public.

Australian Over-50s Walk Away Memory Problems In World-first Trial

10 years ago from Science Daily

An Australian study has found that walking for two and a half hours a week can significantly improve memory problems in the over-50s.

Spending Time In Intensive Care Unit Can Traumatize Kids

10 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have developed the Children's Critical Illness Impact Scale to measure psychological distress in children following hospital discharge. This is the first self-report scale ever created to measure the psychological...

Hazardous homes cause injuries

10 years ago from Science Alert

Many houses are filled with accidents waiting to happen, according to New Zealand research that found 40 per cent of homes contain a large number of hazards.

Addicted To Tanning Beds? 'Tanorexia' Common Among University Students

10 years ago from Science Daily

A new study conducted at a large university finds more than 25 percent of those surveyed reported symptoms of tanning dependence, including symptoms similar to alcohol and drug-addicted individuals. Suggestively,...

Finding a Guy Who Looks Like Dear Old Dad

10 years ago from Science NOW

Study reinforces the idea that men and women choose partners who resemble their own parents

Infidelity Gene? Genetic Link To Relationship Difficulties Found

10 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have found a link between a specific gene and the way men bond to their partners. The results offer a better understanding of such problems as autism and social...

Can School Make Kids Sick?

10 years ago from Live Science

Most kids plead against school, and parents later receive that call from school.

Zen Training Speeds The Mind's Return After Distraction, Brain Scans Reveal

10 years ago from Science Daily

After being interrupted by a word-recognition task, experienced meditators' brains returned faster to their pre-interruption condition. Researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to examine changes in blood flow in the...

College Freshmen: Pain Killers And Stimulants Less Risky Than Cocaine; More Risky Than Marijuana

10 years ago from Science Daily

A new study in Prevention Science, finds that college freshmen believe that nonmedical use of prescription drugs like pain killers and stimulants is less risky than cocaine, but more risky...

Neuroscientist Scans Brain For Clues on Best Time to Multitask

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

In today's fast-paced world, multitasking has become an increasingly necessary part of our daily routine. Unfortunately, multitasking also is notoriously inefficient. However, a new brain imaging study led by a...

'Mentally unstable' Iraq veteran arrested in death of girlfriend, 19

10 years ago from LA Times - Health

Orange County deputies found the woman beaten and unconscious in the couple's San Clemente condo; she later died. Relatives say John Needham has been deeply troubled since returning from the...

Video: Groaning About Sex

10 years ago from Live Science

Male fallow deer with the deepest voices have more mating success. They can groan once per second, or more after sex. Credit: Maurus Birrer, University of Nottingham

U.S. and China Tie for Olympic Glory, According to Statistician

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Who won the Olympics? The answer depends on who's crunching the numbers.

Collective Traumas: Early Explanations Of 9/11 Linked To Long-term Adjustment

10 years ago from Science Daily

A new study, lead authored by Kent State University's John Updegraff, suggests that finding meaning in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terroist attacks was an important coping response that...

It Pays to Trust Your Instinct

10 years ago from PopSci

Whether you call it a hunch or vibes, a reckoning or a feeling in your bones, humans know the power of a nagging suspicion. Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink stands as testament...

Children with TVs in their room sleep less

10 years ago from Physorg

Middle school children who have a television or computer in their room sleep less during the school year, watch more TV, play more computer games and surf the net more...

Pfizer resuming ads for Lipitor after controversy

10 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Television ads for the world's top-selling drug, cholesterol fighter Lipitor, are back, six months after Pfizer Inc. pulled them amid charges its use of a celebrity doctor...

Make China journals open access, says top scientist

10 years ago from SciDev

Priority must be given to domestic science publications and many Chinese journals should be made open-access, says a leading Chinese scientist.

'Bonding Gene' Could Help Men Stay Married

10 years ago from Live Science

One form of DNA linked to marital bliss, the other to discord, study found

Rethinking rebuilding in New Orleans

10 years ago from MIT Research

Karl F. Seidman, senior lecturer in urban planning at MIT, writes in an op-ed that New Orleans "neighborhood viability should not be a condition to be proven by residents but...

Playing Games With Science: Magic Pen

10 years ago from PopSci

[Via Diggy Games]

Sex Differences Seen In Response To Common Antidepressant

10 years ago from Science Daily

Women with depression may be much more likely than men to get relief from a commonly used, inexpensive antidepressant drug, a new national study finds. But many members of both...

Bonobos May Have Greater Linguistic Skills Than Previously Thought

10 years ago from Science Daily

What happens when linguistic tools used to analyze human language are applied to a conversation between a language-competent bonobo and a human? New findings indicate that bonobos may exhibit larger...

Animal rights groups might do better to campaign where there is significant suffering for questionable benefits

10 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Opinion surveys over the last decade have shown consistently that most people can accept the use of animals in medical research, but this support is conditional. They want to know...