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Thursday th 1st of June 2023

Save $700 on this Canon EOS R5, one of our favorite mirrorless cameras - 09:03

Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

Weight-loss surgery is becoming more common among US teens - 16:16

New 'quasi-moon' discovered near Earth has been travelling alongside our planet since 100 BC - 16:16

What is the science behind déjà vu? - 14:23

NASA concludes first-ever public UFO briefing. What did we learn? - 14:23

Listen to the sounds of Pando, the largest living tree in the world - 13:29

Suspected Russian spy whale is looking for love in all the wrong places - 10:53

Killer bees stung a man 250 times in swarm attack, but he survived. How? - 09:32

This psychedelic-eyed gecko isn't what we thought it was - 09:02

How to watch Mars photobomb the buzzing Beehive Cluster of stars this week - 07:12

AceMagician AMR5 Mini PC review: An affordable and compact option for students - 06:22

Watch the full 'Strawberry Moon' rise on June 3 - 06:22

Tuesday th 30th of May 2023

Engino Challenger Space Shuttle review - 11:42

World War II 'horror bunker' run by infamous Unit 731 discovered in China - 09:32

What is the speed of light? - 08:32

Mystery pathogen is stripping sea urchins of their flesh and turning them to skeletons — and it's spreading fast - 08:32

Monday th 29th of May 2023

Is vaping healthier than smoking? - 15:32

153,000-year-old footprints from South Africa are the oldest Homo sapiens tracks on record - 13:13

2,700-year-old petroglyphs depicting people, ships and animals discovered in Sweden - 11:22

The Tunguska event was the biggest asteroid impact in recorded history. How did it vanish without a trace? - 10:26

The oldest tree in the world (and the 7 runner-ups) - 08:03

Earth may have debris from alien star systems trapped in its orbit, new research suggests - 07:12

Why do animals keep evolving into crabs? - 04:25

Sunday th 28th of May 2023

What was the longest-lasting civilization? - 05:03

Saturday th 27th of May 2023

What is the 'ship of Theseus' thought experiment? - 05:03

Science news this week: Sinking cities and tree of life mysteries - 02:32

Friday th 26th of May 2023

Watch the biggest supernova in 10 years explode tonight on this free telescope livestream - 13:02

Scientists changed scales on chicken feet to feathers by tweaking a single gene - 13:02

Heavy rains expose ancient phallus and 'imposing' face carvings at Roman fort in Spain - 12:02

Over half of the world's largest lakes and reservoirs are losing water - 11:12

Grab a powerful laptop for less with $500 off the MacBook Pro 14 - 06:33

NASA uncovers shattered remains of Japanese lunar lander that mysteriously disappeared on April 25 - 06:33

Best zombie movies: viruses, fungi, space radiation & voodoo magic - 06:03

Thursday th 25th of May 2023

2,500-year-old poop from Jerusalem toilets contain oldest evidence of dysentery parasite - 18:42

Antarctic currents supplying 40% of world's deep ocean with nutrients and oxygen slowing dramatically - 16:33

In rare case, man develops painful deep vein blood clots following brown recluse spider bite - 16:33

A rare type of black hole never proven to exist could be orbiting our galaxy right now, Hubble telescope reveals - 14:13

Raging 'polar vortex' discovered over Uranus' north pole for 1st time - 12:33

More than 5,000 new species found in 'pristine' deep-sea wilderness. But they could soon be wiped out. - 11:33

Gravitational wave lab LIGO roars back online to detect the oldest black hole collisions ever seen - 11:33

Why are cave-dwelling eels growing skin over their left eyes? It may be evolution in action. - 11:33

The iPad Air – our highest-rated student iPad – is $100 off at Amazon - 10:32

Scientists may be able to put Mars-bound astronauts into 'suspended animation' using sound waves, mouse study suggests - 10:32

Massive dino from Brazil ate 'like a pelican,' controversial new study finds. Why is it causing an uproar? - 09:33

Get $170 off the top rated Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells - 03:32

Save $1,100 with this fantastic Bowflex treadmill deal - 03:32

Save 31% on a Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier - 03:32

Wednesday th 24th of May 2023

Scientists discover possible antidote for death caps, the world's deadliest mushroom - 16:43

'Groundhog Day' syndrome made a man feel like he was reliving the same events - 16:43

What's the difference between outer space and deep space? - 16:42