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Wednesday th 24th of May 2023

Climate change could trigger gigantic deadly tsunamis from Antarctica, new study warns - 16:42

Extremely rare case of mad cow disease detected in the US - 12:32

'Brain-eating' amoeba ruled out in 'cluster of illnesses' in Oklahoma. What could the cause be? - 12:32

Some mice tails are secretly reinforced with bony scales, just like dinosaurs - 11:12

'Mini kangaroos on steroids' make comeback in South Australia after disappearing for 100 years - 09:52

Rare green fireball explodes over Australia, creating bright flash visible for hundreds of miles - 09:52

Get the iPad (9th Gen) for $60 less thanks to this Amazon deal - 08:55

Fearsome saber-toothed giant dominated at dawn of 'Great Dying', but its reign was short-lived - 08:55

Decades-old question surrounding the start of the tree of life could finally be solved - 08:55

2,700-year-old leather saddle found in woman's tomb in China is oldest on record - 08:55

Tuesday th 23rd of May 2023

'Brain-eating' amoebas are a new concern in northern US states, health officials advise - 18:02

James Webb telescope discovers gargantuan geyser on Saturn's moon, blasting water hundreds of miles into space - 16:35

Watch a great white shark devour a seal off the coast of Cape Cod, shocking nearby whale watchers - 16:35

2,000-year-old stone receipt discovered in Jerusalem - 16:35

How the body changes in space — usually, for the worse - 13:55

Strange star system may hold first evidence of an ultra-rare 'dark matter star' - 13:02

Bitvae R2 Rotating Electric Toothbrush review - 11:22

Watch exclusive clip of never-before-depicted dinosaur from Prehistoric Planet season 2 - 07:33

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: Everything we know about our favorite archeologist's latest adventure - 07:33

Save $1200 on this incredible Razer Blade laptop - 06:03

Saucony Ride 16 review - 04:33

Why do people like spicy food? - 04:33

Monday th 22nd of May 2023

Spanish Civil War soldier saw the world 'backward' after bullet pierced brain, historic case report reveals - 17:23

All butterflies evolved from ancient moths in North America 100 million years ago - 12:32

15 of the weirdest things we have launched into space - 12:32

What happens if you skydive through a cloud? - 12:32

New gene therapy gel is the 1st approved treatment for rare and painful 'butterfly disease' - 12:32

Brain signals underlying chronic pain could be 'short-circuited,' study suggests - 11:42

Mysterious white, powdery substance found inside 3,000-year-old ruins in Armenia isn't what it seems - 11:42

Rarest of rare: 2 albino egg-laying mammals spotted in Australia - 09:22

Watch an octopus waking up from what scientists think could have been a nightmare - 05:33

Sunday th 21st of May 2023

Birth of wild red wolf pups brings hope to species on brink of extinction - 14:31

Perfectly preserved 7,000-year-old skeleton unearthed during renovation in Poland - 14:31

James Webb Telescope finds evidence of 'celestial monster' stars the size of 10,000 suns lurking at the dawn of time - 14:31

China's mysterious space plane released an unidentified 'object' in orbit, US intelligence reveals - 14:31

Where is the coldest place on Earth? - 14:31

1,100-year-old breastplate to ward off evil may contain the oldest Cyrillic writing ever found - 14:31

1,100-year-old breastplate to ward off evil may contain the oldest Cyrillic writing ever found - 14:31

Science news this week: The spark of life in space and 1.7 billion T. rexes - 14:31

Why are insects attracted to artificial lights? - 14:31

Why are insects attracted to artificial lights? - 14:31

New York City may be sinking under its own weight because the buildings are too heavy, scientists warn - 14:31

Humongous, 100-foot-long dinosaur from Argentina is so big its fossils broke the road during transport - 14:31

Sunday th 17th of May 2020

Fungus is destroying a buried Viking ship. Here's how Norway plans to save it. - 13:50

Moon's mysterious disappearance 900 years ago finally gets an explanation - 13:50

Connecticut: Latest updates on Coronavirus - 13:50

Florida: Latest updates on Coronavirus - 13:50

Should researchers deliberately infect volunteers with coronavirus to test vaccines? - 13:50

Kansas: Latest updates on Coronavirus - 13:50

Magnitude-6.5 earthquake in Nevada has a long history of temblors - 13:50