Monday th 12th of June 2023

New method enables study of nano-sized particles - 16:53

Report: Net zero targets must become a reality to keep Paris temperature goals live - 16:23

People's choice: Snowy owl and kingfisher triumph as Finland's most attractive birds - 16:23

New observatory instrument sets its sights on Turtle Nebula - 16:23

Working hard for money decreases consumers' willingness to risk their earnings, study shows - 16:23

Climate change is altering the linkage between the Arctic and subarctic oceans, finds study - 15:57

Advancing material innovation to address the polymer waste crisis - 15:57

Where there's smoke, there are lessons in demands of global sustainability - 15:57

Cyclists with more safety attire seen as 'less than fully human,' finds Australian study - 15:33

Spectropolarimetric imaging: A magical way to get multidimensional information - 15:33

New insight into how xeroderma pigmentosum causative gene products ensure the accuracy of DNA repair - 15:33

Unveiling the invisible: A breakthrough in spectroscopy to allow discoveries in materials physics - 15:33

The Baltic sea climate under the influence of the Atlantic: New findings on a 'long distance relationship' - 15:33

Opinion: The fire this time—facing the reality of climate change - 15:33

Team develops organic redox polymer for aluminum-ion batteries with improved storage capacity - 15:33

Opinion: Geoengineering is shockingly inexpensive - 15:33

Scientists develop cheaper method to sterilize ballast water - 15:33

Lips pouted or not? How improved speaker recognition can help forensic investigations - 15:33

U.S. consumers judge morality of armed self-protection on case-by-case basis, research shows - 15:33

Microscopic evidence of malaria in the Medici era - 15:33

Study explores how social network users decide to make friends - 15:33

Samurai wasp has minimal impact on native stink bugs, new study confirms - 14:58

Researchers achieve higher precision with biocompatible hydrogel photoresist - 14:33

Study: Rising rainfall, not temperatures, threaten giraffe survival - 14:33

Has JWST finally found the first stars in the univese? - 14:03

Why didn't the Big Bang collapse in a giant black hole? - 14:03

The sun reaches solar maximum in 2032: A new NASA flagship mission could give us a perfect view - 14:03

'Treadmill' for microswimmers allows closer look at behavior - 14:03

New study finds connection between long-standing gender and racial gaps in voting for Democrats - 14:03

Evolutionary fuel: Researchers study maintenance of an ancient chromosomal inversion - 14:03

CRISPR/Cas9-based gene drive could suppress agricultural pests - 14:03

Experiment in Brazil identifies flood-prone areas of cities - 13:42

Exploring new vessel concept to assist open ocean aquaculture - 13:42

Reindeer show great performance at following human-given indications - 13:42

From 19th century 'Indian remedies' to New Age spirituality, research explores historical appropriation - 13:14

Team develops autonomous robot to stave off spotted lanternflies - 13:14

Betelgeuse is continuing to behave mysteriously—here's what would happen if it exploded - 13:14

A linguistic anthropologist explains how humans are like ChatGPT—both recycle language - 13:13

Linguists have identified a new English dialect that's emerging in South Florida - 13:13

Effect of nitrogen deposition on animal species stronger than expected - 13:13

Masai giraffes more endangered than previously thought, finds new study - 13:13

Researchers: Why we're 'interviewing' captive birds to find the best to release into the wild - 12:43

Has a mathematician solved the 'invariant subspace problem'? And what does that even mean? - 12:43

Research examines whether AI is helping small-scale farming operations - 12:43

New study traces amino acids synthesized by gut microbes in wild animals - 12:43

More than 6% of people changed their reported sexual identity over a six-year period, UK survey finds - 12:43

Rain gardens help keep pollutants out of waterways, says researcher - 12:43

Opinion: Yes, the incel community has a sexism problem, but we can do something about it - 12:43

Invasive fish spotted in Missouri can even be found on land. Kill it if you see one - 12:43

Predicting and planning for forest fires requires modeling of many complex, interrelated factors, says researcher - 12:43