Scientific American

Monday th 12th of November 2018

Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling—and Fundamental Rethinking - 12:20

Bats Beat Dolphins in the Battle over Who Has the Best Sonar - 08:10

Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling--And Fundamental Rethinking - 06:50

Friday th 9th of November 2018

Neuroscientists Make a Case against Solitary Confinement - 07:10

Live from Berlin: Falling Walls Conference 2018 - 03:40

Thursday th 8th of November 2018

To Every Pathogen There Is a Season - 15:40

Deep-Brain Recordings May Show Where Unhappiness Lives - 11:40

How Dad's Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring - 07:00

Wednesday th 7th of November 2018

How Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Could Harm a Developing Baby's Brain - 09:30

"Ghost Gear" Haunts the Oceans in a Growing Threat - 07:20

Tuesday th 6th of November 2018

Will NASA's Next Mission to Venus Be a Balloon? - 15:10

Will NASA's Next Mission to Venus Be a Blimp? - 07:10

Monday th 5th of November 2018

Our Top 10 Stories on the Science of Leadership, Partisanship and Voting - 15:00

States Put Science and Health on Election Day Ballots - 07:00

Sunday th 4th of November 2018

4 Laws That Could Stem the Rising Threat of Mass Shootings - 11:30

Friday th 2nd of November 2018

The Galactic Collision That Reshaped Our Milky Way - 05:50

Thursday th 1st of November 2018

Fossil Pigments Reveal Dinosaur Origin of Bird Egg Colors - 15:20

How Might the Appendix Play a Key Role in Parkinson's Disease? - 14:20

New Atlas Used to ID Brain Parts for Plans and Actions - 11:30

The Vulnerabilities of Our Voting Machines - 09:10

Scientist-Politicians Go Local: From Lab Bench to a Deep Bench - 06:01

Wednesday th 31st of October 2018

Spinal Stimulator Implant Gives Paralytic Patients a Chance to Regain Movement - 14:20

The Milky Way's Monster, Unveiled - 06:20

Tuesday th 30th of October 2018

What Does a Crooked Election Look Like? - 06:50

Dissecting the Bloodthirsty Bliss of Death Metal - 06:30

Monday th 29th of October 2018

"Schrödinger's Bacterium" Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone - 09:30

Vitamin Vaping Raises Wariness among Scientists - 06:10

Friday th 26th of October 2018

How Do Bomb Squads Assess a Suspicious Package? - 13:50

What Causes Alcohol-Induced Blackouts? - 05:50

Thursday th 25th of October 2018

Watch Live Today: A Breakthrough Pulsar Discovery - 14:21

Microplastics Have Been Found in People's Poop—What Does It Mean? - 14:00

"Stress Hormone" Cortisol Linked to Early Toll on Thinking Ability - 06:10

Wednesday th 24th of October 2018

Lowly Moss-Like Plant Seems to Copy Cannabis - 14:20

Survey Polls the World: Should a Self-Driving Car Save Passengers, or Kids in the Road?    - 12:30

Microplastics Have Been Found in People's Poop--What Does It Mean? - 06:20

Monday th 22nd of October 2018

Oxygen-Rich Liquid Water May Exist on Mars - 10:30

Scientists Double Down on Landing Sites for Sample-Collecting Mars Rover - 06:00

Saturday th 20th of October 2018

Saber-toothed Cats May Have Roared like Lions - 07:20

Friday th 19th of October 2018

When Times Are Good, the Gender Gap Grows - 06:40

Thursday th 18th of October 2018

What Makes Human Brain Cells Unique? - 10:20

"Poliolike" Childhood Muscle-Weakening Disease Reappears - 09:20

Planet Formation? It's a Drag - 06:20

Wednesday th 17th of October 2018

What's in a Half a Degree? 2 Very Different Future Climates - 06:10

Tuesday th 16th of October 2018

When a Feather-Light Touch is Agony - 05:50

Monday th 15th of October 2018

Trouble Brewing? Climate Change Closes In on Beer Drinkers - 10:30

How Accurate Are Online DNA Tests? - 06:40

Search for Alien Life Should Be a Fundamental Part of NASA, New Report Urges - 06:10

How Accurate Are Personality Tests? - 01:20

Clara Is a Story of Exoplanets, Existential Longing—and Real Science - 01:20

Why Did Hurricane Michael Rev Up to Category 4 So Quickly? - 01:20