Monday th 14th of September 2020

Scientists explore the potential for further improvements to tropical cyclone track forecasts - 11:11

Physicists 'trick' photons into behaving like electrons using a 'synthetic' magnetic field - 11:11

NASA's water vapor analysis of Tropical Storm Karina shows wind shear effects - 11:11

A warm Jupiter orbiting a cool star - 11:11

NASA-NOAA satellite helps confirm Teddy now a record-setting tropical storm - 11:11

New method to design diamond lattices and other crystals from microscopic building blocks - 11:11

Facebook political ads more partisan, less negative than TV - 11:11

First fiber-optic nanotip electron gun enables easier nanoscale research - 10:41

Embryos taking shape via buckling - 10:41

On the road to conductors of the future - 10:41

Big answers from tiny particles - 10:41

Bimetallic catalyst helps to synthesize tunable imines and secondary amines - 10:11

Mediterranean and tropical biodiversity most vulnerable to human pressures - 10:11

Researchers create morphing crystals powered by water evaporation - 10:11

Structure of the enzyme behind the world's smallest turbine, solved - 10:11

Arctic transitioning to a new climate state - 10:11

Climate change triggers migration—particularly in middle-income countries - 10:11

Thermally conductive polyimide film: A better way to dissipate heat in electronic devices - 09:40

Bioactive nano-capsules to hijack cell behavior - 09:40

Covid and commercial research decline - 09:40

Over a quarter of people say their lives are very different now compared to before COVID-19 - 09:40

Physicists discover new magnetoelectric effect - 09:40

How Canada could benefit from a carbon budget - 09:40

Cities like Lagos need building designs that don't just copy global styles - 09:40

The consequences of spraying fire retardants on wildfires - 09:40

Attosecond pulses reveal electronic ripples in molecules - 09:11

New method allows scientists to quickly 'view' individual virus particles - 09:11

Study shows plant extinction is more common than previously realized - 09:11

Study shows Falkland Islands' potential to become carbon negative - 09:11

Researchers create new tool for controlling genes in methanogens - 09:11

Opinion: Coronavirus showed the way cities fund public transport is broken - 09:11

Mechanism discovered how the coronavirus hijacks the cell - 09:11

How tech billionaires' visions of human nature shape our world - 09:11

Research reveals 'climate-change complacency' across Europe - 09:11

Genetic adaption to climate change is swift in crop pests - 09:11

Uranian moons in new light - 09:11

Households in 4 major cities report 'serious financial problems' - 09:11

New research reveals what makes condos sell - 09:11

Start-up develops 'living coffin' - 09:11

How bushfires and rain turned our waterways into 'cake mix,' and what we can do about it - 09:11

Species of algae found able to have dimorphic sexual life cycles - 09:10

SpaceX SN8 to launch and fly to 60,000 feet next week - 08:40

Dinganthus sheds new light on evolution of flowers - 08:40

Scorpions a clue to restoring ecosystems - 08:40

A right to water - 08:40

The Hall effect links superconductivity and quantum criticality in a strange metal - 08:40

'Hurricane scepticism' divided along political lines - 08:40

Opinion: Nobel prize-winning economics of climate change is misleading and dangerous, and here's why - 08:40

Collective quantum effect: When electrons keep together - 08:40

Some but not all US metro areas could grow all needed food locally, estimates study - 08:11