Tuesday th 6th of June 2023

Study suggests long-lived tree species play greater role in generating genetic diversity - 15:03

Canada wildfires lead to air-quality alerts in US, here's how to stay safe - 14:33

Interdisciplinary team tracks the fate of plastic waste in the North Sea - 14:33

Landmark Supreme Court decision in Nepal helps protect wildlife and ensure social justice - 14:33

Spotlight thrown on diary of York woman from 1800s - 14:33

Chesapeake Bay report cites environmental justice disparities - 14:33

Team develops magnetic microrobots with folate to promote targeted drug delivery to cancer cells - 14:33

Researchers create tool to improve the forecasting of extreme rain events - 14:33

Precision nuclear physics in Indium-115 beta decay spectrum using cryogenic detectors - 14:13

Study models geomagnetic field shielding over the last 100,000 years - 14:13

Optimizing the properties and microstructure of bulk superconductors - 14:13

A novel green photoreactor for the synthesis of desirable chiral enantiomers - 14:13

Bombardier beetle vs. assassin bug: Mimetic interactions via a shared enemy - 14:13

Scientists' political donations reflect polarization in academia—with implications for the public's trust in science - 13:43

'Too small and carefree': Endangered animals released into the wild may lack the match-fitness to evade predators - 13:13

Building activity produces 18% of emissions and a shocking 40% of our landfill waste - 13:13

Tiny gold particles can help harness energy from the sun to break down pollution - 12:53

An immersive tactile book for blind children - 12:53

Changing wild animals' behavior could help save them—but is it ethical? - 12:53

How activity in outer space will affect regional inequalities in the future - 12:53

Climate: Battle lines harden over how to slash CO2 - 12:53

Three ways to use ChatGPT to help students learn—and not cheat - 12:53

How cats and dogs affect the climate—and what you can do about it - 12:53

Unraveling brood parasitism in predatory mites - 12:52

Researchers identify genetic makeup of new strains of West Nile - 12:52

Study shows need for more female STEM leadership - 12:52

Australian students in rural areas are not 'behind' their city peers because of socioeconomic status - 12:52

The world's first flowers were pollinated by insects, says new study - 12:23

Social media 'trust' or 'distrust' buttons could reduce spread of misinformation - 12:23

Motor skills and physical activity practice supports preschoolers' learning, finds researcher - 12:23

USDA researches New England's ability to be self-reliant in food production - 12:23

'Managing your boss' can lead to good working relationships with managers, research reveals - 12:23

Study that challenged validity of elemental analysis leads to scientific journals changing guidelines - 12:23

Researchers develop stepwise strategy for carbon dioxide reduction to multicarbon products - 12:23

Young children's words predict reading ability—5 ways parents and caregivers can help grow them - 12:23

How we are contaminating our waters with microplastics and a multitude of chemicals - 12:23

New report examines gun violence 'hot spots' in Houston area - 12:23

How India's 'slum-free' redevelopment fails residents by ignoring their design insights and needs - 12:23

Retirement reinvented: How to find fulfilment later in life - 12:23

Climate change has a dramatic impact on the global water cycle, say researchers - 12:23

Study uncovers new clues about the process of cell plasticity - 11:53

NASA-JPL Psyche launch on track with 'outstanding' progress, review board confirms - 11:53

A compound from fruit flies could lead to new antibiotics - 11:53

Study highlights the factors fomenting Bellandur lake's infamous foam - 11:53

Study reveals heterogeneous mantle source compositions for boninite from Bonin and Troodos - 11:53

What's the (dark) matter with Euclid? - 11:53

In a changing ecosystem, Yellowstone grizzly bears are resilient - 11:33

Tectonics matter: Geoscientists probe geochemistry, microbial diversity of Peruvian hot springs - 11:32

Europe seeks flourishing forests through restoration - 11:03

Betelgeuse is almost 50% brighter than normal. What's going on? - 11:03