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Icelandic Volcanoes Help Researchers Understand Potential Effects Of Eruptions

10 years ago from Science Daily

For the first time, researchers have taken a detailed look at what lies beneath all of Iceland's volcanoes -- and found a world far more complex than they ever imagined....

Invasive Species Get Expensive

10 years ago from Live Science

Foreign species that slipped into the Great Lakes in ballast tanks of oceangoing cargo ships cost the regional economy at least $200 million a year.

Outlook For Air Quality In Beijing For Olympics Is Borderline

10 years ago from Science Daily

The outlook for air quality in Beijing during the Olympics is borderline, and there's little that the Chinese government can do to improve it. That's the conclusion drawn by atmospheric...

British Showers Most Wasteful And Inconsiderate In Western Europe, Survey Suggests

10 years ago from Science Daily

Water-wasting and uncaring about gels, shampoos and soap going down the plughole: that's how the British emerge from a survey on showering habits of western Europeans. The Royal Society of...

California Wildfires As Seen From Remotely Piloted Aircraft

10 years ago from Science Daily

A remotely piloted aircraft carrying a NASA sensor flew over much of California earlier this week, gathering information that will be used to help fight more than 300 wildfires burning...

New Report: Greatest Value of Forests is Sustainable Water Supply

10 years ago from Physorg

( -- The forests of the future may need to be managed as much for a sustainable supply of clean water as any other goal, researchers say in a new...

The Science Behind the Aug. 1 Solar Eclipse

10 years ago from

A total solar eclipse Aug. 1 will be seen only by a handful of observers.

China gets ivory imports go-ahead

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

The UN has given China the green light to bid in a one-off sale of a 108 tonnes stockpile of African elephant ivory.

New Coral Bleaching Prediction System Calls For Low Level Of Bleaching In Caribbean This Year

10 years ago from Science Daily

A new coral bleaching prediction system indicates that there will be some bleaching in the Caribbean later this year, but the event will probably not be severe. The system also...

Seismic Waves From Mine Collapses Can Now Be Distinguished From Other Seismic Activities

10 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers have devised a technology that can distinguish mine collapses from other seismic activity. Using the large seismic disturbance associated with the Crandall Canyon mine collapse last August, scientists applied...

New Guns N' Roses song to debut on game sequel Rock Band 2

10 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Devoted Guns N' Roses fans awaiting the long-postponed album Chinese Democracy could finally be seeing it in the near future, after a new song from the band was unveiled as...

Bush lifts offshore drilling ban

10 years ago from Physorg

US President George W. Bush on Monday lifted a White House ban on offshore oil drilling and urged lawmakers to follow suit amid an election-year fight over painfully high gasoline...

K-State's Konza Prairie A Candidate Site for Scientists to Study Effects of Global Change

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

A Kansas State University grassland holds the potential to help scientists better understand the effects of global change on the earth's ecosystems.

Batter Up: Shattering Sticks Create Peril in MLB Ballparks [News]

10 years ago from Scientific American

Witness the following: On June 24, home plate umpire Brian O'Nora was hospitalized after the broken barrel of a bat hit him on the head during a game between the...

Israeli lifeguard discovers 2,500-year-old relic

10 years ago from MSNBC: Science

An Israeli lifeguard taking his regular morning swim off the Mediterranean coast in southern Israel discovered a 2,500-year-old marble talisman to ward off the evil eye, the Israel Antiquities Authority...

Seas Striped With Newfound Currents

10 years ago from Live Science

Sailors and scientists have been mapping ocean currents for centuries, but it turns out they've missed something big.

Killer Phytoplankton from Hell

10 years ago from Live Science

Human and natural activity are to blame for the excess growth of phytoplankton causing "Dead Zones" of aquatic life. Credit: NASA/GSFC

Ecology, Economics and Soil Societies Brief Congress on Post-Wildfire Resource Management

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

On Wednesday, 9 July, three prominent scientific societies sponsored briefings on Capitol Hill to inform lawmakers about how to manage natural areas after they have been impacted by wildfire.

Projected California Warming Promises Cycle Of More Heat Waves, Energy Use For Next Century

10 years ago from Science Daily

As the 21st century progresses, major cities in heavily air-conditioned California can expect more frequent extreme-heat events because of climate change. This could mean increased electricity demand for the densely...

Marine bill 'can strike balance'

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

Energy investment in Scotland's seas can be balanced with protecting marine wildlife and seabirds, the Scottish Government claims.

Solar shades can't reverse warming

10 years ago from Science Alert

According to a recent study, putting mirrors in orbit to block sunlight might work to mitigate global warming, but would not bring back the old climate conditions.

Record Land Grab Predicted As Demand Soars For New Sources Of Food, Energy And Wood Fiber

10 years ago from Science Daily

Escalating global demand for fuel, food and wood fiber will destroy the world's forests, if efforts to address climate change and poverty fail to empower the billion-plus forest-dependent poor, according...

MPs blast government over CO2

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

The government has made "very poor progress" on reaching its own carbon emissions-cutting targets, MPs say.

Net Gain For Endangered Dolphins

10 years ago from Science Daily

The rarest marine dolphin in the world -- down to 111 individuals following decades of entanglement in fishing nets -- is now to receive protection over more of its range...

Biodiversity Defensing Against Climate Change

10 years ago from Science Daily

Climate change is happening, and we must develop ways for all life to be able to cope. WWF Vietnam Programme is looking at this through the development of resilient multifunctional...

Cruise-liner Sewage Adds To Baltic Decline

10 years ago from Science Daily

Most international cruise ship companies operating in the Baltic Sea have refused to co-operate with a plea from WWF to stop dumping their sewage straight into the water. The Baltic,...

Giant Clams 'Secure For Another Generation' After Philippine Re-seeding

10 years ago from Science Daily

Re-seeding programs on over 50 reefs are securing the survival of the giant clam for at least another generation. The clams, the world's largest bivalve mollusks and the star of...

Connecticut lobster harvests declining

10 years ago from UPI

HARTFORD, Conn., July 13 (UPI) -- Lobstermen in Connecticut say they fear for their financial future because of declining lobster harvests brought on by warming water trends.