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Kansas City Chiefs sign Sammie Coates, E.J. Manuel, two more

4 hours ago from UPI

The Kansas City Chiefs signed four free agents, including former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Sammie Coates, to the team's roster.

Inca Ritual Baths Fed by Waterfall Reveals More of Its Secrets

10 hours ago from Live Science

Cutting-edge radar and laser scans and on-the-ground excavations are revealing just how the Inca built and used a ceremonial complex more than 500 years ago.

World's biggest bee spotted alive for the first time in decades

11 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

A walnut-sized bee with a massive jaw and impressive wingspan has been spotted for the first time in nearly 38 years, proving its species is not extinct.

Tiny T. rex relative among earliest Cretaceous tyrannosaurs in N. America

12 hours ago from UPI

Scientists have discovered a new tyrannosaur species, a miniature {i:T. rex}, that roamed North America some 96 million years ago.

A peek at living room decor suggests how decorations vary around the world

12 hours ago from Science Daily

People around the world paint their walls different colors, buy plants to spruce up their interiors and engage in a variety of other beautifying techniques to personalize their homes, which...

Extinct weasel relative with confounding skull likely ate meat with a side of veggies

12 hours ago from Science Daily

The oddly shaped skull of Leptarctus primus, an extinct weasel relative that lived in North America and Asia about 20 million years ago, has long led to conflicting theories about...

Look: Man follows fortune cookie's advice to a lottery jackpot

12 hours ago from UPI

A Maryland man said a piece of advice from a fortune cookie turned out to be prescient when he won a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

Dimetrodon footprints found on P.E.I. bring Island to 'world stage' of paleontology

12 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

A series of footprints found in May in P.E.I. National Park near Cavendish have been confirmed as those of the sail-backed Bathygnathus borealis, a reptile-like mammal that lived 100 million...

Biblical Archaeology: The Study of Biblical Sites & Artifacts

13 hours ago from Live Science

Biblical archaeologists work to uncover the truths and inaccuracies of ancient biblical texts.

African hominid fossils show ancient steps toward a two-legged stride

15 hours ago from

New Ardipithecus ramidus fossils reveal how hominids were shifting toward humanlike walking more than 4 million years ago.

World's biggest bee found

15 hours ago from Science Daily

Lost to science for decades and thought perhaps extinct, Wallace's giant bee (Megachile pluto) has been rediscovered in an Indonesian rainforest.

Extinct weasel relative with confounding skull likely ate meat with a side of veggies

16 hours ago from Physorg

New research on an extinct weasel relative reveals what it might have eaten when it lived in North America and Asia about 20 million years ago. The oddly shaped skull...

Study participants likely to lie when they get paid, research shows

16 hours ago from UPI

People who are paid to take part in research may be more likely to lie about their eligibility than those who aren't paid, a new study finds.

Are the French lousy at languages? Not if there's noise!

17 hours ago from Physorg

It is often said that the French have poor English skills. But according to a study conducted by a CNRS researcher (along with colleagues in the Netherlands, Finland and UK),...

How the dinosaurs went extinct: Asteroid collision triggered potentially deadly volcanic eruptions

17 hours ago from Physorg

It's almost 40 years since scientists discovered what wiped out the dinosaurs: an asteroid hitting Earth near modern-day Mexico. That was it, or so we thought.

J Balvin, Ozuna win big at 2019 Premio Lo Nuestro awards

18 hours ago from UPI

J Balvin and Ozuna were the big winners at the 2019 Premio Lo Nuestro awards which took place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Foxes were domesticated by humans in the Bronze Age

18 hours ago from Physorg

In the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, between the third and second millennium BC, a widespread funeral practice consisted in burying humans with animals. Scientists have discovered that both foxes...

Tiny Dino-Era 'Night Mouse' Found Above Arctic Circle

18 hours ago from Live Science

A tiny Cretaceous mammal lived among the northernmost dinosaurs on Earth.

Photos: Cretaceous 'Night Mouse' Was a Wee Mammal

18 hours ago from Live Science

Paleontologists have unearthed a new 69 million-year-old mammal species in the North Slope of Alaska.

480-Million-Year-Old Mystery Creature Finally Identified from Its Preserved Guts

18 hours ago from Live Science

For the past 150 years, scientists have hotly debated a mysterious creature that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. And now, with the discovery of stunningly detailed fossils in...

Google Doodle honors 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin

19 hours ago from UPI

Google is celebrating the life of late "Crocodile Hunter" and wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday with a new Doodle.

North Korean, U.S. envoys hold additional talks on summit agenda

22 hours ago from UPI

Senior North Korean and U.S. envoys held hourslong talks in Hanoi on Friday as part of home-stretch preparations for another summit between the leaders of the Korean War foes.

On This Day, Feb. 22: Lee Petty wins first Daytona 500

23 hours ago from UPI

On Feb. 22, 1959, the Daytona 500 was run for the first time. Lee Petty won the race.

Half-a-billion-year-old weird wonder worm finally gets its place in the tree of life

1 day ago from Science Daily

Paleobiologists have shed new light on a jaw-snapping species of prehistoric worm using half-a-billion-year-old fossils kept at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Insects decline: What do insects actually do?

Reports show many insect populations are declining. How will that affect us?

Modest dinosaur dubbed 'harbinger of doom' set stage for T. rex

1 day ago from Reuters:Science

No one would ever look at the huge and ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex as an underdog. But its newly discovered evolutionary great uncle certainly was.

Do volcanoes or an asteroid deserve blame for dinosaur extinction?

1 day ago from Science Daily

Scientists have obtained more precise dates for the Deccan Traps volcanic lava flows, linking peak activity more closely to the asteroid or comet impact 66 million years ago and the...

Scientists have new clues in the 66-million-year-old case of the dinosaurs' demise

1 day ago from LA Times - Science

It’s one of the greatest whodunits of all time: What killed the dinosaurs, along with three-quarters of all other species on Earth? We never tire of the story of this...