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South African skeleton shows humans learned to walk upright in the trees

23 min ago from Physorg

The analysis of the world's most complete skeleton of an early human ancestor, conducted by a research collaboration involving the University of Liverpool, offers conclusive evidence that human ancestors became...

Watch: European cross-country champion face plants at finish line

52 min ago from UPI

Jimmy Gressier's win didn't go quite as planned, as he face planted into mud at the finish of the Under-23 European men's cross country championships.

DNA find: Tiny wallaby the last living link to extinct giant kangaroos

1 hour ago from Physorg

A QUT-led collaboration with University of Adelaide reveals that Australia's pint-sized banded hare-wallaby is the closest living relative of the giant short-faced kangaroos which roamed the continent for millions of...

Google honors poet Nelly Sachs with new Doodle

2 hours ago from UPI

Google is celebrating poet Nelly Sachs on what would have been her 127th birthday with a new Doodle.

Hilary Duff: 'There's been some conversations' about reviving 'Lizzie McGuire'

10 hours ago from UPI

Hilary Duff said her sitcom "Lizzie McGuire," which initially aired 2001-04, could be one of the next shows revived years after it was canceled.

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' tops North American box office for 3rd weekend

13 hours ago from UPI

The animated adventure "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is the No. 1 movie in North America for a third weekend, earning an additional $16.1 million in receipts.

UPI Horse Racing Roundup: Hong Kong sweeps own races; Baffert sweeps US 2-year-old events

14 hours ago from UPI

Local runners took all four Group 1 events at Sha Tin; Bob Baffert saddled the winners of both of the weekend's top 2-year-old races; that and much more.

Dallas Cowboys try to convince Jason Witten to unretire

15 hours ago from UPI

The Dallas Cowboys have won four straight and their playoff hopes are very much alive.

Police discover body in search for British backpacker in New Zealand

17 hours ago from UPI

Police in New Zealand discovered a body Sunday in the search for missing British backpacker Grace Millane.

Mission to put millions of hidden fossils online

19 hours ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

Museums including Washington’s Smithsonian have set out to digitally record specimens in their collection.

'Digital museum' brings millions of fossils out of the dark

19 hours ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

A global effort to digitally record millions of fossils is set to transform the study of evolution.

Climate talks pause as battle over key science report looms

21 hours ago from Physorg

A diplomatic standoff over a single word could set the stage for a bigger showdown during the second half of this year's U.N. climate summit.

Plant a tree: Milan's ambitious plans to be cleaner, greener

21 hours ago from Physorg

If Italy's fashion capital has a predominant color, it is gray—not only because of the blocks of neoclassical stone buildings for which the city is celebrated, but also due to...

Teacher loses job, faces charges after forcibly cutting student's hair

23 hours ago from UPI

A California woman has been removed from teaching and faces criminal charges after forcibly cutting a student's hair while she sand the National Anthem words.

Almanac: London's killer smog

23 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

On December 9, 1952, a mixture of smoke and fog that became one of the greatest mass murderers of modern times finally lifted over the English capital

Canadian law enforcement falling behind U.S. counterparts on forensic techniques, says O.J. prosecutor

One of the leading U.S. forensic experts says Canadian agencies are doing victims a disservice by using unproven DNA techniques instead of a surer method to identify suspects. But that...

Watch: Bulls' Wendell Carter Jr. blocks Russell Westbrook dunk

1 day ago from UPI

Rookie Wendell Carter Jr. rejected a Russell Westbrook dunk attempt during the Chicago Bulls' win against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Stampede at Italian club kills 6, including 5 teens

1 day ago from UPI

Five teenagers and one adult were killed early Saturday when a stampede broke out at a nightclub near the Adriatic coast of Italy.

'Captain Marvel' 2nd Trailer Arrives … And an Exciting Character Emerges

2 days ago from

The first trailer for Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" was amazing and the second trailer looks just as awesome, giving us a few more tantalizing glimpses of the next exciting character...

A ‘Honking-Big’ Cave in Canada Lures Geologists to Its Mouth

2 days ago from NY Times Science

How did a hole large enough to fit the Statue of Liberty go undetected for so long?

Study upends timeline for Iroquoian history

2 days ago from Science Daily

New research raises questions about the timing and nature of early interactions between indigenous people and Europeans in North America.

U.S. backers of Paris accord set up camp at climate talks

2 days ago from CBSNews - Science

Hundreds of U.S. cities, states, businesses and churches planted the American flag at the U.N. climate talks

Listen: How one man changed the course of paper preservation

2 days ago from C&EN

Stereo Chemistry visited the US Library of Congress and National Archives to learn about a self-trained chemist and the books he donated to study how paper ages

Biggest Latin American airline Latam faces indefinite strike in Chile

2 days ago from UPI

Latam, the biggest Latin America airline created in 2015 after Chile's Lan took over Brazil's Tam, is facing an indefinite worker strike by 270 workers in Chile

Vancouver hockey squad to dress like Buddy the Elf

2 days ago from UPI

The Western Hockey League's Vancouver Giants will dress like Buddy the Elf for a game on Saturday against the Victoria Royals.

Damning evidence of dam's impacts on rainforest birds

2 days ago from Science Daily

Conservation scientists have found that a dam built in Thailand 31 years ago has caused the local bird population to collapse.

Reproduction, from Hippocrates to IVF

2 days ago from Physorg

The first book to take in 3,000 years of baby-making shows how women functioned as "vessels" in early ideas of creation, until the ancient Greeks established theories of "dual contribution—whether...

Matter: The Planet Has Seen Sudden Warming Before. It Wiped Out Almost Everything.

2 days ago from NY Times Science

In some ways, the planet's worst mass extinction — 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian Period — may parallel climate change today.