Scientific American

Friday th 11th of July 2008

A Lake That Looks Like Mars [News] - 15:07

I Hear Ya: Bush Signs Expanded Wiretap Power Into Law [News] - 09:35

Thursday th 10th of July 2008

Is That Iranian Missile Photo a Fake? [News] - 17:07

Coral Grief: Warming Climate Threatens Reef Destruction [News] - 13:21

Scientists Uncover Deadly Ebola Virus's "Achilles' Heel" [News] - 12:14

Wednesday th 9th of July 2008

John Templeton, Philanthropist of Science and Religion, Dead at 95 [News] - 15:28

Future of Popular Chinese Herbal Medicine Up in the Air [News] - 15:28

Moon Once Harbored Water, Lunar Lava Beads Show [News] - 12:28

The Migration History of Humans: DNA Study Traces Human Origins Across the Continents [Scientific American Magazine] - 11:42

Law Protects Genetic Secrets History Would Rather Let Lie [Scientific American Magazine] - 11:42

Recognizing Patterns: Ciamac Moallemi [Where Are They Now?] - 11:42

The World's First Flying Saucer: Made Right Here on Earth [Extreme Tech] - 11:42

A Perspective on 3-D Visual Illusions [Mind Matters] - 11:42

Investigating the Environmental Origins of Autism [EarthTalk] - 11:42

Chemical Fossils Preserved in Lava Reveal Remains of Ancient Sea Life [Scientific American Magazine] - 11:42

Cruise Ships: How They Sail Skyscrapers Around the World [Scientific American Magazine] - 11:42

Wetlands Update--Has Preservation Had an Impact? [EarthTalk] - 11:42

Reviews: "A View of Science, Reason and Religion" [Scientific American Magazine] - 11:42

News Scan Briefs: Eating with Tension, Cancerous Marriage, Milk and Diabetes [Scientific American Magazine] - 11:42

Deconstructing Art to Save It: Laser Analysis Tested to Restore Paintings [News] - 09:28

Tuesday th 8th of July 2008

Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows Brighter Than Expected [News] - 17:42

Minor Quakes Rattle Japan and Peru [News] - 17:21

Pot Boiler: A New, Faster Way to Heat Water [News] - 13:56

World Wide Wellness: Online Database Keeps Tabs on Emerging Health Threats [News] - 13:56

Monday th 7th of July 2008

Alden March Bioethics Institute Picks up the Pieces After Glenn McGee's Ouster [News] - 17:42

Fermilab Saved from Chopping Block for Now [News] - 15:07

Thursday th 3rd of July 2008

Coal War: Georgia Court Halts Construction of New Coal-Fired Plant [News] - 15:28

Texas Archaeological Dig Challenges Assumptions about First Americans [News] - 14:42

News Bytes of the Week--Making Beautiful Music: Why the Stradivarius Violin is Worth Millions [News] - 14:21

Mercury Flyby Reveals Active (but Shrinking) Core [News] - 13:14

Unwelcome Immigrants: Can the U.S. Thwart Asian Moths? [News] - 12:07

Does Herpes Cause Brain Cancer? [News] - 09:28

Who Will Die?: Computer Predicts Which Death Row Inmates Will Be Executed [News] - 06:28

Wednesday th 2nd of July 2008

Can Bovine Growth Hormone Help Slow Global Warming? [News] - 17:42

Voyager 2 Finds Lopsided Solar System [News] - 14:21

Winning the Tour de France Takes Grit, Strength--And Cutting-Edge Technology [News] - 12:28

As LHC Draws Nigh, Nobelists Outline Dreams--And Nightmares [News] - 10:14

Tuesday th 1st of July 2008

Long Trip: Magic Mushrooms' Transcendent Effect Lingers [News] - 14:42

Monday th 30th of June 2008

Alzheimer's Drug May Prevent Brain Damage in Preemies [News] - 16:07

Satellites Pinpoint Earth's Auroral Radio Chatter [News] - 14:35

Wildfires Spread in California [News] - 13:07

Friday th 27th of June 2008

Prince William Sound and Fury: Oil Giant Dodges Punitive Damages for Valdez Spill [News] - 19:07

Fermilab Bailed Out by Congress [News] - 18:21

News Bytes of the Week--On the Other Hand: The Scent of a Lemur [News] - 16:28

Thursday th 26th of June 2008

Our Brains on Marketing: Scans Show Why We Like New Things [News] - 19:07

Pay Dirt: Martian Soil Fit for Earthly Life [News] - 19:07

Solar Sell: Companies that Mass Marketed PCs Turn to Photovoltaics [News] - 17:35

Climbing Trees: Plants Move Uphill as World Warms [News] - 16:28

Fishing Poll: Taking a Census of Ocean Species [Slide Show] [News] - 13:28

Bill Gates Cleans Out His Desk After 30 Years of Innovation [News] - 08:35