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Study: Migrating birds learn survival tips

10 years ago from UPI

KINGSTON, Ontario, June 30 (UPI) -- Canadian researchers say they've discovered migrating songbirds learn survival cues from local birds when flying through unfamiliar territory.

Census Of Marine Life Lists 122,500 Known Species, Over Halfway To Complete Inventory By Oct. 2010

10 years ago from Science Daily

Census of Marine Life-affiliated scientists consolidating world databases of ocean organisms have demoted to alias status almost one-third of all names culled so far from 34 regional and highly specialized...

A simple therapy for brain injury

10 years ago from Physorg

Severe brain injury due to blunt force trauma could be reduced by application of a simple polymer, Polyethylene glycol or PEG, mixed in sterile water and injected into the blood...

Breakthrough In Plant Medicine Production

10 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers have succeeded in further unraveling and manipulating the glycosylation of proteins in plants. The scientists expect that this knowledge will allow plants to be applied more often in the...

Mechanism Explains Calcium Abnormalities In Alzheimer's Brain

10 years ago from Science Daily

A new study uncovers a mechanism that directly links mutations that cause early onset Alzheimer's disease with aberrant calcium signaling. The research, published by Cell Press in the June 26...

Fishing Poll: Taking a Census of Ocean Species [Slide Show] [News]

10 years ago from Scientific American

There may not be too many fish in the sea, to paraphrase the old song, but there are certainly a lot. Scientists don't have a good idea of just how...

Looming Tropical Disaster Needs Urgent Action, According To New Report

10 years ago from Science Daily

A major review shows that the world is losing the battle over tropical habitat loss with potentially disastrous implications for biodiversity and human well-being. Tropical forests support more than 60%...

New Study Opening New Route For Combating Viruses

10 years ago from Science Daily

A unique technique for analyzing the function of microRNAs has led to the discovery of a new mechanism by which viruses evade the human immune system. This discovery has important...

Neuroscientists Discover A Sense Of Adventure

10 years ago from Science Daily

Wellcome Trust scientists have identified a key region of the brain which encourages us to be adventurous. The region, located in a primitive area of the brain, is activated when...

NYU biologists show how eye's neurons switch functions during metamorphosis

10 years ago from Biology News Net

Researchers at New York University's Center for Developmental Genetics report that the photoreceptors in an insect's eye can change their traditional functions during metamorphosis. The study appears in the most...

Protein discovery may bolster antibiotic development

10 years ago from Physorg

A team of scientists from Queen`s University has discovered the first ever three-dimensional structure of a protein family that may help in developing more effective antibiotics.

Estimation of isolation times in the Drosophila simulans complex

10 years ago from Physorg

The Drosophila simulans species complex continues to serve as an important model system for the study of new species formation. The complex is comprised of the cosmopolitan species, D. simulans,...

Burma blocks emergency telecoms

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

Two teams of emergency telecoms workers leave cyclone-hit Burma after their efforts are blocked.

Brains work in analogue too

10 years ago from Science Alert

New research has proved that electrical communication in the brain can work in analogue as well as digital, a finding that could help explain brain disorders.

Stem cell research from an ethical point of view

10 years ago from Physorg

Stem cell research and the potential use of human embryonic stem cells in clinical therapy is a controversial issue which splits both scientific and public opinion. The current conflict over...

Scientists seek to sort sundry names for sealife

10 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The underwater world and the underworld have at least one thing in common - lots of aliases. The Census of Marine Life, an effort to catalog all...

Lemur scent: complex and information laden

10 years ago from UPI

DURHAM, N.C., June 25 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists studying ringtailed lemurs say they found not only do males use scent to advertise their fitness as mates, but also...

One step closer to green chemistry and improved pharmaceuticals

10 years ago from Physorg

Proteins are the workhorses of our cells. They help to digest our food, are at the core of our immune system, and literally shape our body from top to toe....

New protein that repairs DNA under extreme conditions

10 years ago from Physorg

Mild environmental conditions are a prerequisite for life. Strong acids or dissolved metallic salts in high concentrations are detrimental to both humans and to simpler life forms, such as bacteria....

Wrong names for fish seen complicating conservation

10 years ago from Reuters:Science

OSLO (Reuters) - About a third of all types of fish and other marine life have been wrongly named by scientists, complicating efforts to conserve what could be a million...

Two-thirds of California's native plants threatened

10 years ago from Science Blog

We're having a heatwave. California greenery says "ouch." read more

Two Academic Collaborators Join SAEC to Help Further Drug Induced Liver Injury Research Effort

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

The International Serious Adverse Events Consortium (SAEC) announced today that two new leading academic centers will collaborate with this novel, international research Consortium, which is working to identify genetic markers...

Funding for piping plover cut back

10 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Environment Canada has cut the funding it provides to two Maritime groups for protection of the endangered beach bird the piping plover.

Diversity Among Bird Populations Found To Reduce Threat Of West Nile Virus

10 years ago from Science Daily

A biologist and undergraduate student have discovered that what's good for an area's bird population is also good for people living nearby.

Power lines prove deadly for birds

10 years ago from UPI

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., June 24 (UPI) -- A U.S. wildlife biologist says the government is trying to find ways to prevent birds from running into power lines and...

Paul Simons: Plantwatch

10 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Paul Simons: The countryside looks gloriously lush after such a damp spring and June, although many flowers are a touch late

Don't Judge a Plant by Its Species

10 years ago from Science NOW

An ant, an aphid, and a milkweed are changing thoughts about community ecology

VIDEO: Gorilla Massacre Investigation

10 years ago from National Geographic

After ten rare mountain gorillas were killed execution-style in a Congo park, Congolese authorities have arrested a senior park official in connection with the slayings.