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Foretelling an environmental meltdown with the mineral nahcolite

10 years ago from Science Blog

By discovering the meaning of a rare mineral that can be used to track ancient climates, Binghamton University geologist Tim Lowenstein is helping climatologists and others better understand what we're...

Replacing corn with perennial grasses improves carbon footprint of biofuels

10 years ago from Science Blog

Converting forests or fields to biofuel crops can increase or decrease greenhouse gas emissions, depending on where -- and which -- biofuel crops are used, University of Illinois researchers report...

Opinion: Calculating the emissions from a 'Standard Cow'

10 years ago from Science Alert

A carbon tax on agriculture is one of the more stupid aspects of emissions trading in carbon dioxide.

Hong Kong Finds More Tainted Eggs

10 years ago from NY Times Health

For the fourth time in less than two months, a batch of eggs imported to Hong Kong from China were found to be contaminated with illegal levels of melamine officials...

Most U.S. Organizations Not Adapting To Climate Change, Report Finds

10 years ago from Science Daily

Organizations in the United States that are at the highest risk of sustaining damage from climate change are not adapting enough to the dangers posed by rising temperatures, according to...

Supreme Court Weighs Power Plants Vs. Fish

10 years ago from CBSNews - Science

The Bush administration asked the Supreme Court to let the nation's older power plants draw in billions of gallons of water for cooling without installing technology that would best protect...

Avalanches - triggered from the valley

10 years ago from

Everybody knows that skiers swishing down steep slopes can cause extensive slab avalanches. But there is a less well known phenomenon: A person skiing a gentle slope in the valley...

VIDEO: Antarctic Survey's Stunning Species

10 years ago from National Geographic

Scientists have discovered that islands near Antarctica's main peninsula hold more species than even the Galápagos Islands, the experts claim.

Rivers Are Carbon Processors, Not Inert Pipelines

10 years ago from Science Daily

Microorganisms in rivers and streams play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle that has not previously been considered. Freshwater ecologists note that our understanding of how rivers and...

Climate Clues In Southern Ocean: Ocean Currents Surprisingly Resistant To Intensifying Winds

10 years ago from Science Daily

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the current system with the largest volume transport in the world ocean. Between 40° and 60°S strong westerlies move about 140 million cubic meters of...

Spain in the dock over research visas

10 years ago from News @ Nature

Failure to cut red tape for foreign scientists prompts legal action by the European Union.

Observatory: A New Understanding of Iceberg Formation May Aid Climate Studies

10 years ago from NY Times Science

The rate at which icebergs break is primarily a function of the rate at which an ice shelf spreads, a new study suggests.

Geochemical processes go high-tech in 3-D, interactive project

10 years ago from Physorg

( -- They occur constantly, are largely invisible but affect everything from energy supplies and soil erosion to water pollution.

Rapid, unexpected climate changes posited

10 years ago from UPI

BINGHAMTON, N.Y., Dec. 2 (UPI) -- A U.S. geologist is warning the Earth might soon undergo rapid and unpredictable climate changes that could negatively affect many species.

New Orleans' Recovery Needs "Unconventional Thinking," Tulane Professors Say

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Calling New Orleans "the canary in the global warming coal mine", two Tulane University professors say the Crescent City must embrace unconventional thinking in order to recover in a sustainable...

Ice beetles impacted by climate change

10 years ago from Physorg

In the summer of 1968, Dave Kavanaugh set off on a hike that would change the course of his life. As a second-year medical student at the University of Colorado,...

Ecological impact of African cities

10 years ago from Physorg

African cities are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. This is having a major impact, but few ecologists are studying the urban environment and effect of cities on...

UK urged to 'speed up' on climate

10 years ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

The UK government has been urged to speed up the pace of action on climate change by the Confederation of British Industry.

Editorial: End of the climate change party

10 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Editorial: This a brave, bold step and Gordon Brown is to be congratulated for taking it

Measuring Greenhouse Gases In Old Bottles Of Wine

10 years ago from Science Daily

In order to investigate the greenhouse gas effect in Europe, one has to measure the concentrations of CO2 from fossil fuels at different places all over the continent. This could...

3/4 of Big Antarctic Penguin Colonies to Disappear?

10 years ago from National Geographic

Half to three quarters of major emperor and Adelie penguin populations may lose their sea ice habitat due to climate change, according to a recent report.

Planners Must Take Predicted Climate Change Into Account

10 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

If this century unfolds as the "age of climate change," it's clear to University of Massachusetts Amherst land use planner Elisabeth Hamin and colleagues that cities and towns should begin...

Yukon, N.W.T. First Nations to protect Peel River from mining impact

10 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Two northern First Nations have agreed to work together to protect the waters that flow across both of their traditional lands, in light of increased mining activity in the Peel...

Climate change putting forests at risk

10 years ago from UPI

BOGOR, Indonesia, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- An Indonesian forestry research group says large areas of Earth's forests could succumb to climate change, resulting in disaster for forest-dependent people.

Enjoy the holidays while treading lightly on the planet

10 years ago from Physorg

Have you been dreaming of a green Christmas? With a little bit of effort - maybe much less than you thought - you and your family can enjoy the holiday...

Ocean Currents Off South Africa Influence Gulf Stream

10 years ago from Science Daily

Variations in the strength of the Gulf Stream can in part attributed to currents off South Africa. Oceanographers developed a computer model to study the currents systems in unsurpassed detail....

New fan-like coral found in deep sea

10 years ago from MSNBC: Science

A spectacular new species of coral has been discovered thriving in veritable forests on the peaks of undersea mountains off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.