Science Daily

Tuesday th 16th of April 2019

In mice, feeding time influences the liver's biological clock - 13:00

Scientists 'reverse engineer' brain cancer cells to find new targets for treatment - 13:00

Discovery of oral cancer biomarkers could save thousands of lives - 13:00

New arsenic-based broad-spectrum antibiotic - 13:00

Climate change to blame for Hurricane Maria's extreme rainfall - 13:00

What Earth's gravity reveals about climate change - 13:00

Certain microbes may reduce allergy-like reactions in many people - 09:13

Common sleep myths compromise good sleep and health - 09:13

Tree dens play a critical role in panda lifestyle - 09:12

White sharks flee feeding areas when orcas present - 09:12

How inflammation causes gastric cancer - 09:12

Physicists improve understanding of heat and particle flow in the edge of a fusion device - 08:40

Mid-life resting heart rate of 75 plus beats/minute linked to doubling in early death risk - 08:40

Half of patients on statins fail to reach 'healthy' cholesterol level after 2 years - 08:40

Can multiple carnivores coexist in cities? - 08:40

Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water - 08:40

New discovery makes fast-charging, better performing lithium-ion batteries possible - 08:40

A biosynthetic dual-core cell computer - 08:40

Google searches reveal popular bird species - 08:10

Climate change threatens endangered sparrows - 08:10

Megalith tombs were family graves in European Stone Age - 07:40

Simple test can indicate prolonged symptoms following pediatric sports-related concussion - 07:40

Up in arms: Insect-inspired arm technology aims to improve drones - 07:40

Monday th 15th of April 2019

Computer games for fish uncover why some prey lead and others follow - 20:00

New microscopy technique peers deep into the brain - 20:00

What makes a jellyfish? - 20:00

Regular cannabis users require up to 220% higher dosage for sedation in medical procedures - 20:00

Cause of rare genetic metabolic disorder - 20:00

To protect stem cells, plants have diverse genetic backup plans - 20:00

Indicators of despair rising among Gen X-ers entering middle age - 20:00

Brain marker for angry dreams - 19:30

Mechanism of resistance to BRAF inhibitors in melanoma identified - 16:11

Asteroids help scientists to measure the diameters of faraway stars - 16:11

Antimicrobial resistance gene: New gene variant is more resistant to hospital antiseptic - 16:10

Drug reduces risk of kidney failure in people with diabetes, study finds - 16:10

Neurobiologists annotate critical neuronal proteins in lamprey genome - 16:10

Solving the mystery of fertilizer loss from Midwest cropland - 16:10

Blockchain protocol to prevent counterfeit pharmaceutical sales - 16:10

Procedure time proves vital in thrombectomy success - 15:40

For busy medical students, two-hour meditation study may be as beneficial as longer course - 15:40

Low-calorie sweetener derived from lactose gets manufacturing boost from yeast - 15:40

Predictability limit: Scientists find bounds of weather forecasting - 15:40

Best in snow: New scientific device creates electricity from snowfall - 15:40

High-speed 'electron camera' films molecular movie in HD - 15:10

Low-intensity ultrasound can change decision-making process in the brain - 15:10

Genetic analysis has potential to transform diagnosis and treatment of adults with liver disease of unknown cause - 15:10

Phenols in purple corn fight diabetes, obesity, inflammation in mouse cells - 15:10

Statins safe for preventing cardiovascular events in rheumatoid arthritis patients, study suggests - 15:10

Asteroids help scientists measure distant stars - 15:10

New compound allows bacterial communication to be controlled by light - 15:10