Science Daily

Wednesday th 9th of September 2020

Atomistic modelling probes the behavior of matter at the center of Jupiter - 13:40

Artificial intelligence aids gene activation discovery - 13:40

Biological roots for teen risk-taking: Uneven brain growth - 13:40

AI used to show how hydrogen becomes a metal inside giant planets - 13:10

Seeing objects through clouds and fog - 13:10

Sand-sized meteoroids are peppering asteroid Bennu - 12:40

Tool transforms world landmark photos into 4D experiences - 11:50

People who were children when their parents divorced have less 'love hormone' - 11:50

Malnutrition among a hunter-gatherer group - 11:50

New role of arginine metabolism in plant morphogenesis identified - 11:20

Lockdown did not reduce 'most harmful' type of air pollution in Scotland - 10:50

Cellular-level interactions that lead to the cytokine storm in COVID-19 - 10:50

Insomnia identified as a new risk factor for type 2 diabetes in new study which also confirms many other risk and protective factors - 10:50

Mindfulness with paced breathing and lowering blood pressure - 10:50

New glove-like device mimics sense of touch - 10:50

Climate engineering: Modelling projections oversimplify risks - 10:50

Unconscious learning underlies belief in God, study suggests - 10:20

Humans, not climate, have driven rapidly rising mammal extinction rate - 09:50

Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia - 09:50

More than one drink a day may raise high blood pressure risk in adults with Type 2 diabetes - 09:20

Unlocking the mystery of tau for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases - 09:20

New corals discovered in deep-sea study of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - 09:20

New fossil ape discovered in India - 08:50

Wild cousins may help crops battle climate change - 08:50

Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems - 08:50

Muscle aging: Stronger for longer - 08:50

Tuesday th 8th of September 2020

Linking calorie restriction, body temperature and healthspan - 20:30

Cell in zebrafish critical to brain assembly, function - 20:30

Scientists probe the chemistry of a single battery electrode particle both inside and out - 20:00

Skeletal study suggests at least 11 fish species are capable of walking - 20:00

Deep channels link ocean to Antarctic glacier - 20:00

How birth control, girls' education can slow population growth - 17:00

A new method may make tomatoes safer to eat - 17:00

California offshore winds show promise as power source - 17:00

International study gets at the root of what makes deer migrate - 16:30

Method to derive blood vessel cells from skin cells suggests ways to slow aging - 16:30

Trees living fast die young - 16:30

Star-cells 'shine' to make sense of touch - 16:30

Scientists find clues to queen bee failure - 16:30

Romantic partners influence each other's goals - 16:30

Targeted drug found effective in patients who have lung cancer with certain mutations - 16:30

Older women with type 2 diabetes have different patterns of blood use in their brains - 16:30

Researchers make tiny, yet complex fiber optic force sensor - 16:30

Brain astrocytes show metabolic alterations in Parkinson's disease - 16:00

Elevated clotting factor V levels linked to worse outcomes in severe COVID-19 infections - 16:00

Research unravels what makes memories so detailed and enduring - 16:00

Brain stimulation reduces dyslexia deficits - 16:00

Plant Science Research Network releases decadal vision 2020-2030 - 16:00

Small study shows convalescent plasma is safe to use in pediatric patients with COVID-19 - 16:00

Delayed immune responses may drive COVID-19 mortality rates among men and the elderly - 15:31