Science Daily

Monday th 22nd of April 2019

Catalyst renders nerve agents harmless - 10:00

Mixing grass varieties may reduce insect infestations in lawns - 10:00

Was the restaurant really that bad -- Or was it just the rain? - 09:31

Study suggests overdiagnosis of schizophrenia - 09:31

Those home-delivered meal kits are greener than you thought - 09:31

Empathy often avoided because of mental effort - 09:31

From 2D to 1D: Atomically quasi '1D' wires using a carbon nanotube template - 09:00

Sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops - 09:00

Artificial intelligence can diagnose PTSD by analyzing voices - 09:00

Mechanism of a protein upon infection of the 'Fasciola hepatica' - 09:00

Global burden of emergency diseases and conditions - 09:00

Better labor practices could improve archaeological output - 09:00

Biomimetics: Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones - 09:00

Group decisions: When more information isn't necessarily better - 09:00

New insight into how obesity, insulin resistance can impair cognition - 09:00

Friday th 19th of April 2019

Thermodynamic magic enables cooling without energy consumption - 16:50

High performance solid-state sodium-ion battery - 16:50

A universal framework combining genome annotation and undergraduate education - 16:30

Continuing impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil spill - 16:30

On-chip drug screening for identifying antibiotic interactions in eight hours - 14:10

Marijuana users weigh less, defying the munchies - 14:10

Triplet superconductivity demonstrated under high pressure - 14:10

Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication - 14:10

Through thick and thin: Neutrons track lithium ions in battery electrodes - 13:20

New method to detect off-target effects of CRISPR - 13:20

Discovery may help explain why women get autoimmune diseases far more often than men - 13:20

More severe salmonella outbreaks ahead - 11:54

Breakthrough for children with serious epileptic seizures - 11:52

Warming: Plants are also stressed out - 11:50

Early intervention programs for mood and anxiety disorders improve patient outcomes - 11:24

Young children judge others based on facial features as much as adults do - 11:24

In rare cases, immune system fails despite HIV suppression - 11:22

From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine - 11:21

Exploring what happens inside fires and explosions - 11:21

Using the physics of airflows to locate gaseous leaks more quickly in complex scenarios - 11:20

Coincidence helps with quantum measurements - 11:20

How to hack your deadline: Admit it's uncertain - 10:58

Weak honey bee colonies may fail from cold exposure during shipping - 10:58

Living room conservation: Gaming and virtual reality for insect and ecosystem conservation - 10:30

How bacteria build an enzyme that destroys climate-changing laughing gas - 10:10

The secret to a stable society? A steady supply of beer doesn't hurt - 10:10

New concept for novel fire extinguisher in space - 10:10

New variety of zebra chip disease threatens potato production in southwestern Oregon - 10:10

Behavioral disorders in kids with autism linked to reduced brain connectivity - 10:10

How do we make moral decisions? - 09:40

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Researchers map sound, response and reward anticipation in mouse brain - 20:40

Better method to recycle and renew used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries - 20:10

Achieving sugar reduction targets could cut child obesity and healthcare costs - 20:10

Risk factors identified for patients undergoing knee replacements - 20:10

Experimental antiplatelet compound for acute stroke shows promise - 20:10