Science Blog

Thursday th 20th of August 2020

Nearly half of teens who vape say they want to quit - 11:10

Wednesday th 19th of August 2020

Songbirds, Like People, Sing Better After Warming Up - 09:31

How Some Asian Countries Beat Back COVID-19 - 09:31

New tools catch and release cellular targets at the flip of a light switch - 09:30

Exploding stars may have caused mass extinction on Earth, study shows - 09:30

Building a wearable that can catch you when you stumble - 09:30

Calif. high-speed rail: Complete the job and build it right! - 01:30

Tuesday th 18th of August 2020

Transparent solar panels for windows hit record efficiency - 11:30

Ranchers attracted to regenerative agriculture for reasons other than climate change mitigation - 11:30

Where does the U.S. withdrawal leave the World Health Organization? - 11:00

Desire to be in a group leads to harsher judgement of others - 11:00

Lost species of African mammal rediscovered - 11:00

Why Young and Female Patients Don’t Respond as Well to Cancer Immunotherapy - 11:00

Security researchers highlight vulnerability of solar inverters - 11:00

A new test may better predict ovarian cancer survival - 09:30

Want to Teach An AI Novelty? First, Teach It Monopoly. Then Throw Out the Rules. - 09:30

Can the world emerge from the pandemic a better place? - 09:30

Researchers track origin of one of nature’s biggest killers - 09:30

Study: Americans prize party loyalty over democratic principles - 09:30

Monday th 17th of August 2020

Smartphones May Help Detect Diabetes - 10:50

‘AeroNabs’ Promise Powerful, Inhalable Protection Against COVID-19 - 10:50

Scientists study a sea creature that packs a powerful punch - 10:50

Patients taking opioids produce antibodies that may hinder anti-opioid vaccine - 10:50

Global Methane Emissions Soaring, But How Much Was Due to Wetlands? - 10:50

Unearthing evidence for the origins of plate tectonics - 10:50

Yale’s rapid COVID-19 saliva test receives FDA emergency use authorization - 10:21

Physics researchers create an error-correcting cat - 10:21

Tensions are high about many things right now in America, and health and... - 10:21

Study shows business travel correlates to economic growth - 10:21

Friday th 14th of August 2020

Exercise Enhancement: Loss of a specific enzyme increases fat metabolism and exercise endurance in mice - 10:10

Acupuncture activates inflammation-regulating pathways, tames cytokine storm in mice - 10:10

Science poetry Friday: Artificial Galaxies - 10:10

Sounds of action: Using ears, not just eyes, improves robot perception - 09:40

Stroke: Online Calculator Can Predict Your Risk - 09:40

Effective new tool created for discerning fake news - 09:40

Big Dogs Face More Joint Problems if Neutered Early - 09:40

Warming Greenland ice sheet passes point of no return - 09:11

A watershed moment for U.S. water quality - 09:11

New Super-Resolution Method Reveals The Fine Details - 09:11

‘Endless Doomscroller’ asks what compels us to keep scrolling through bad news - 09:11

Electronic components join forces to take up 10 times less space on computer chips - 09:11

Artificial Galaxies - 03:50

Thursday th 13th of August 2020

Air quality in the broader context of a planet undergoing surface warming - 21:40

Unlocking how cellular proteins control cancer spread - 10:01

The Hidden Math of Bacterial Behavior - 10:01

Sea-Level Rise Could Make Rivers More Likely to Jump Course - 10:01

Why more heatwaves endanger our health and ability to work - 06:41

Wednesday th 12th of August 2020

Obesity emerges as risk factor for severe COVID-19 illness - 13:30

Should we sequence newborns’ DNA? The answer is complicated, study finds - 13:30

Artificial intelligence examines best ways to keep parolees from recommitting crimes - 13:30