Science Blog

Wednesday th 29th of July 2020

Lead released in Notre Dame Cathedral fire detected in Parisian honey - 11:10

COVID-19 dreams? Here’s what they mean - 11:10

Immune system variation can predict severe COVID-19 outcomes - 10:50

Risk of Zika virus transmission from mother to unborn child much higher than expected - 10:20

Space dust fossils are providing a new window onto Earth’s past - 08:00

Tuesday th 28th of July 2020

Looking into the black box of deep learning - 10:50

New Research in Origami Metamaterials Promises Wide Implications - 10:50

Mars 2020: Next Stop, the Red Planet - 10:50

Rare Glassy Metal Discovered During Quest to Improve Battery Performance - 10:20

Ultra-low power brain implants find meaningful signal in grey matter noise - 10:20

In nation’s 2 largest metros, Blacks and Latinos are more likely to die from COVID-19 - 10:20

How airway cells work together in regeneration and aging - 10:20

A New Way to Target Cancers Using ‘Synthetic Lethality’ - 10:20

How the brain performs complex computations - 10:20

Does ride-sharing substitute for or complement public transit? - 10:20

Invisible Barriers Cut Down on Cheating - 10:20

Monday th 27th of July 2020

1940s-’80s global-mean-surface-temp normalization: Were Earth-covering sulfate aerosol clouds the cause? - 21:00

Size matters in air pollution – but it’s not enough - 11:31

How mental math helps a lower back - 09:30

Video Game Teaches Productive Civil Discourse and Overcoming Tribalism - 09:30

Single cells have their own defenses against pathogens - 09:30

Scientists discuss what makes big sustainability efforts stick - 09:30

Researchers develop a method for predicting unprecedented events - 09:30

Vaginal ring for HIV prevention receives positive opinion from European regulator - 09:30

Poem: Biology is not Physics - 09:01

Sunday th 26th of July 2020

Ready to roll: Hybrid renewable natural gas line-haul loco cuts fuel use in half, emissions by 99.5 percent - 11:30

Friday th 24th of July 2020

How AI Systems Use Mad Libs to Teach Themselves Grammar - 09:51

If relaxed too soon, physical distancing measures might have been all for naught - 09:51

Some ‘Inert’ Drug Ingredients May Be Biologically Active - 09:51

Older Adults Who Can Really Smell the Roses May Face Lower Likelihood of Dementia - 09:51

COVID-19 pandemic causes a seismic noise quiet period in 2020 - 09:51

A taste for humans: How disease-carrying mosquitoes evolved to specialize in biting us - 09:51

Student-developed device predicts avocado ripeness - 09:51

Understanding why trees are dying may be key to locking up carbon - 08:02

Forecasting Drought - 03:30

Thursday th 23rd of July 2020

Lab grown and do-it-yourself: two emerging routes to an artificial pancreas - 11:21

Wednesday th 22nd of July 2020

Antibiotics disrupt development of the ‘social brain’ in mice - 14:40

‘Four times more toxic’: How wildfire smoke ages over time - 14:40

The earliest Americans arrived in the New World 30,000 years ago - 14:40

Most important task for a PTSD service dog: Disrupting anxiety - 14:05

Choline supplements in young children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder have lasting cognitive benefits - 11:20

The toll of shrinking jaws on human health - 08:52

‘Wasabi Receptor’ Reveals Its Eye-Watering Secrets - 08:52

Coronavirus antibodies fall dramatically in first 3 months after mild cases of COVID-19 - 08:52

Jet aircraft exhaust linked to preterm births - 08:52

COVID-19: Sniffer dogs to the rescue? - 08:52

Studies suggest a diet that mimics fasting could boost breast cancer therapy - 08:52

People ‘fly to quality’ news on social sites when faced with uncertainty - 08:52

A new way to control experimentation with dreams - 08:22

Dairy waste is being turned into bioplastics and plant food - 07:41