Science Daily

Thursday th 25th of April 2019

Place-based management can protect coral reefs in a changing climate - 10:30

Exercise activates memory neural networks in older adults - 10:30

Engineers make injectable tissues a reality - 10:30

Using DNA templates to harness the sun's energy - 10:30

New lens system for brighter, sharper diffraction images - 10:30

Trigger region found for absence epileptic seizures - 10:30

An army of micro-robots can wipe out dental plaque - 10:30

Left or right handed biomolecules - 10:30

Who really hit the basketball out of bounds? - 07:50

Machine-learning system used to diagnose genetic diseases - 07:50

'Catastrophic' breeding failure at one of world's largest emperor penguin colonies - 07:50

Holy Pleistocene Batman, the answer's in the cave - 07:50

Bosses who put their followers first can boost their business - 07:50

Drugs to prevent stroke and dementia show promise in early trial - 07:50

Many stroke patients not screened for osteoporosis, despite known risks - 07:50

Characterization of the structure of a member of the L-Amino acid Transporter (LAT) family - 07:20

New synthesis strategy speeds identification of simpler versions of a natural product - 07:20

A first in medical robotics: Autonomous navigation inside the body - 07:20

Human settlements in Amazonia much older than previously thought - 07:20

Tomato, tomat-oh! -- understanding evolution to reduce pesticide use - 07:20

Veritable powerhouses -- even without DNA - 07:20

One in 7 Washington State drivers with children in the car recently used marijuana - 06:50

Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Imaging system helps surgeons remove tiny ovarian tumors - 20:50

A close look at lithium batteries - 20:50

Stroke patients receive different amounts of physical therapy - 20:50

Genomic features that make plants good candidates for domestication - 20:50

Antibiotic use linked to greater risk of heart attack and stroke in women - 20:50

Early melting of winter snowfall advances the Arctic springtime - 20:50

NASA, FEMA, international partners plan asteroid impact exercise - 20:50

Chemists invent new Lewis acidity test using fluorescence - 20:20

High-efficiency thermoelectric materials: New insights into tin selenide - 20:20

A video game aids in research on Alzheimer's disease - 20:20

New discovery in how mammals sense the cold could lead to new pain relief drugs - 20:20

Freshwater fish species richness has increased in Ohio River Basin since '60s - 20:20

A breakthrough in the study of laser/plasma interactions - 19:50

Scientists reproduce complete copy of 'anti-tumor antibiotic' - 19:50

Study merges big data and zebrafish biology to reveal mechanisms of human disease - 18:30

Geography study finds hot days lead to wildfires - 18:30

Particulate matter takes away 125,000 years of healthy life from Europe's child population - 18:30

A new way to 'freeze' cells promises to transform the common cell-freezing practice - 18:30

Neurotransmitter that helps cancers progress IDed - 18:30

With flower preferences, bees have a big gap between the sexes - 18:30

Air pollution poses risks for childhood cancer survivors - 18:30

Elemental old-timer makes the universe look like a toddler - 18:00

Treating addiction: Cryo-EM technology enables the 'impossible' - 18:00

Minerals in mountain rivers tell the story of landslide activity upstream - 18:00

Exposing cancer's metabolic addictions - 18:00

Coal could yield treatment for traumatic injuries - 18:00

How 'bad cholesterol' enters artery walls - 18:00

Sub-optimal food allergy knowledge and attitudes among restaurant staff - 18:00