Science Daily

Tuesday th 15th of September 2020

Two amino acids are the Marie Kondo of molecular liquid phase separation - 09:00

Monday th 14th of September 2020

NASA monitors carbon monoxide from California wildfires - 21:30

Combining two precision medicines can treat drug-resistant cancers - 19:20

Hostility linked with higher risk of death after second heart attacks - 19:20

Human activities promote disease-spreading mosquitoes; more study needed for prevention - 17:30

Predicting the slow death of lithium-ion batteries - 17:30

Wildlife trade threats: The importance of genetic data in saving an endangered species - 17:00

New rules for algae species classification - 17:00

Gene-edited livestock 'surrogate sires' successfully made fertile - 16:30

Virtual reality trains public to reverse opioid overdoses - 16:30

Excessive lung release of neutrophil DNA traps may explain severe complications in COVID-19 patients - 16:00

Substance use disorders linked to COVID-19 susceptibility - 15:02

ARPA-type funding gives green technology an 'innovation advantage', study finds - 15:02

Antarctica: Cracks in the ice - 15:02

Some but not all US metro areas could grow all needed food locally, estimates study - 13:10

Physicists 'trick' photons into behaving like electrons using a 'synthetic' magnetic field - 13:10

New method to design diamond lattices and other crystals from microscopic building blocks - 13:10

Botox for TMJ disorders may not lead to bone loss in the short term, but more research is needed - 13:10

Immune system affects mind and body, study indicates - 13:10

Dams exacerbate the consequences of climate change on river fish - 13:10

New treatments for deadly lung disease could be revealed by 3D modeling - 12:41

Researchers create morphing crystals powered by water evaporation - 12:41

New X-ray microscopy technique enables comprehensive imaging of dense neural circuits - 12:41

Structure of ATPase, the world's smallest turbine, solved - 12:41

DNA unlocks a new understanding of coral - 12:10

Reducing nitrogen with boron and beer - 12:10

DNA damage caused by migrating light energy - 12:10

Infinite chains of hydrogen atoms have surprising properties, including a metallic phase - 12:10

New study explores if flirting is real and shows it can work - 11:40

On the road to conductors of the future - 11:40

Light processing improves robotic sensing, study finds - 11:40

Physicists discover new magnetoelectric effect - 11:40

Animals' magnetic 'sixth' sense may come from bacteria - 11:40

Climate change triggers migration, particularly in middle-income countries - 11:40

Arctic transitioning to a new climate state - 11:40

A warm Jupiter orbiting a cool star - 11:40

Possible marker of life spotted on venus - 11:10

Bioactive nano-capsules to hijack cell behavior - 10:40

Fast and efficient method to produce red blood cells developed - 10:40

Food mechanics recipe to serve up healthy food that lasts - 10:10

Touch-and-know: Brain activity during tactile stimuli reveals hand preferences in people - 09:40

Embryos taking shape via buckling - 09:40

Painless paper patch test for glucose levels uses microneedles - 09:40

How civil wars affect wildlife populations - 08:40

When methane-eating microbes eat ammonia instead - 08:11

Asthma patients given risky levels of steroid tablets - 08:11

TRESK regulates brain to track time using sunlight as its cue - 08:11

Friday th 11th of September 2020

Carbon-rich exoplanets may be made of diamonds - 20:01

Trout don't follow the weather forecast - 20:01

Ancient earthquake may have caused destruction of Canaanite palace at Tel Kabri - 20:01