Science Daily

Thursday th 21st of March 2019

Golden ball in a golden cage - 18:20

Researchers boost intensity of nanowire LEDs - 18:20

BMI, but not age at puberty, tied to risk of multiple sclerosis - 17:50

Experts set out targets to eliminate tuberculosis within a generation - 17:50

New technique could help regrow tissue lost to periodontal disease - 17:50

Pathogenic, drug-resistant bacteria found in wastewater treatment plants - 17:50

Study shows alarming increases of firearm deaths in US school-age children - 17:20

New evidence links lifespan extension to metabolic regulation of immune system - 16:50

Plant scraps are the key ingredient in cheap, sustainable jet fuel - 16:50

The evolution of brain tumors - 16:21

Antibodies stabilize plaque in arteries - 16:21

Volcano cliffs can affect monitoring data - 15:30

Depression in 20s linked to memory loss in 50s - 15:30

Key to greater efficacy in cancer treatment - 15:30

Medicine and personal care products may lead to new pollutants in waterways - 15:30

Alpine tundra releases long-frozen CO2 to the atmosphere, exacerbating climate warming - 15:30

Dynamic hydrogel used to make 'soft robot' components and LEGO-like building blocks - 15:30

High-fructose corn syrup boosts intestinal tumor growth in mice - 15:30

Research elucidates why protons are at the heart of atoms spin - 15:30

When more women make decisions, the environment wins - 15:30

Ancient birds out of the egg running - 15:00

True-meaning wearable displays: Self-powered, washable and wearable - 15:00

Study highlights power of play - 15:00

New light into the recent evolution of the African rift valley - 15:00

Physicists reveal why matter dominates our universe - 15:00

In a new quantum simulator, light behaves like a magnet - 15:00

Kicking neural network automation into high gear - 15:00

Delusions may stem from sticky beliefs, study finds - 14:30

New brain research challenges our understanding of sleep - 14:30

Hundreds of bubble streams link biology, seismology off Washington's coast - 14:30

Engineers demonstrate metamaterials that can solve equations - 14:30

Sleep and ageing: Two sides of one coin? - 14:30

Common cause in sudden death syndromes - 14:30

Examining ball pits as a playground for pathogenic germs - 14:00

Discovery may lead to precision-based strategy for triple negative breast cancer - 14:00

World's smallest bears' facial expressions throw doubt on human superiority - 13:30

Western bias in human genetic studies is 'both scientifically damaging and unfair' - 13:30

Hidden differences between pathology of CTE and Alzheimer's disease - 13:30

How team sports change a child's brain - 13:30

Risk of miscarriage linked strongly to mother's age and pregnancy history - 10:00

Early exposure to pesticides linked to small increased risk of autism spectrum disorder - 10:00

Many recovering from addiction have chronic health problems, diminished quality of life - 10:00

Unprecedented privacy risk with popular health apps - 10:00

Better water testing, safer produce - 09:30

Rabbits like to eat plants with lots of DNA - 09:30

CRISPR/Cas libraries open new avenues in cancer research - 09:30

New model for ICU care discovers causes of health emergencies - 09:30

Laser-targeted removal of prostate tumors works as well complete removal of prostate - 09:30

Protein BRCA1 as a stress coach - 09:30

Adhesive gel bonds to eye surface, could repair injuries without surgery - 09:30